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E-commerce Online Shops

If you are looking to create a beautiful online, e-commerce shop that allows you to sell to your customers safely and securely then you are in the right place.

Maxweb have over 10 years experience of creating e-commerce shops and strategies, we have a number of different solutions depending on the size of your company, sales you are looking to achieve or the budget you have to work with.

We love how internet shopping has progressed over the last few years and it has opened up lots of opportunities for companies who would never of thought about it before, we work with both large established international sellers and small new start-up sellers, the thing to understand is that all sizes can be on the same playing field and can appear in front of the same audience.

We typically use Opencart, Magento or WooCommerce, these are open source platforms which have hundrfeds of modules ready built for them - we also build our own modules and customise those out there if they do not match your needs.

If you are looking to get online, give us a call and lets have a chat 0151 652 4777.

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