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HTML: Heading Tags, H1 to H6

By Maxweb Solutions

Heading tags should be used to structure a document by allowing a hierarchy of sub-sections. The correct use of Headings is to split a document up into relavent sections or paragraphs with a summarised heading.

Headings play a massive part in the accessibility of a web page. Screen readers (adaptive software) for blind and partially sighted people use them to jump to the different sections of a document so the page content can be assesed and the required information located quickly.

Heading structure example below:

My task and appointments diary

This is my list of task and appointments for the week



  • Pick up parcel from post office
  • Go to bank to pay in cheque
  • Take suit to dry cleaners


  • Dentist @ 15:15


Sandra's Birthday


…. and so on 

In brief heading tags should be used in order. You shuold not have a

H1 tag followed by a

H3 tag; they must be used in order!

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HTML: Heading Tags, H1 to H6

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