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PPC Agency Chester

Maxweb Solutions is a provider of expert PPC services to Chester-based businesses.

We specialise in both Google and Bing advert campaigns, Search campaigns, Shopping, Display and Pmax Campaigns.

We can help optimise your current campaigns or set up totally new campaigns that can increase commercial revenues for your business.

Pmax Campaign

Pmax Campaign Chester

Our team can set up and optomise your assests for pmaxcampaigns. Combining both search and shopping campaigns can bring great revenues to the business.

Adwords search campaign logo

Search Campaigns

Target specific keywords locally or on a National scale. Our PPC consultants can help set up and monitor your serach campaigns.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Get your products showing at the top of the search engines through Google and Bing shopping.

What Our Clients Say

Customer Reviews
  • Paul Lavery's profile image

    Paul Lavery

    I have used the services of Maxweb on a number of occasions and they produced my website for me which gets constant good comments from my customers...

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  • Andrew Roughley's profile image

    Andrew Roughley

    Great website design and very knowledgeable SEO service ongoing.

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  • Paul Andrew's profile image

    Paul Andrew

    Mark and his Team at Maxweb Solutions are a Vital and Integral part of our Businesses, having provided the Very best Professional Support for in ex...

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  • Richard Smith's profile image

    Richard Smith

    They have always been professional and responsive to issues and offer excellent customer service. I highly recommend there services to anyone.

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  • centre line's profile image

    centre line

    We Highly recommend Max Web Solutions, as a new business we received all the guidance and advice that has helped our business grow rapidly in the l...

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  • Olympia Stewart's profile image

    Olympia Stewart

    We have worked with Maxweb over the past few months to design and create a professional and bespoke website to reflect the brand development in our...

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  • Christian Loyal's profile image

    Christian Loyal

    Great team, very knowledgeable.

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  • Alan Foster's profile image

    Alan Foster

    Fantastic company to do business with, I would recommend Maxweb to anyone!!

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  • Julie Balmer's profile image

    Julie Balmer

    Maxweb came out and completed a virtual tour of the pub. The guys were so professional and friendly and took full control and managed everything. A...

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Contact Us For PPC Management Services

Pay Per Click Services

When we run a pay per click campaign, we optimise your campaigns and deliver a return on investment.

You could be looking to generate sales, increase traffic to your store or have customers fill out a contact form.

Whatever your objective, we will look at both your campaign structure and landing page experience.

Getting clicks is one thing, but we also need to make sure that we are converting these clicks into a positive action for the business.

We look at all aspects of your campaigns from:

  • Targeted Keywords
  • Campaign Structures
  • Adgroup Settings
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Bid Adjustments
  • Geographical Targeting
  • Negative Keywords
  • Conversion Rates
  • ROAS
  • Asset Groups
  • Listing Groups
  • Extensions
  • Feed Optimisation
  • Landing Page Experience
  • Quality Scores

Local Clients

Choosing a PPC Campaign

Lots of businesses set up AdWords and Bing accounts with no real knowledge of how to optimise their campaigns. This can decrease performance, and you may not feel like it is a profitable investment.

Especially if you are a small business in Chester and are competing against brands with bigger ad budgets.

This is where our expertise comes in. You can bid against keywords that drive a profit but are not as competitive. Each business needs a tailored plan that meets business objectives, and they can not be copied and pasted from one business to another.

If you sell products, Google Shopping can generate a great return on investment, but if you operate in a B2B environment or sell services, this may not be the right campaign type for you.

We investigate your market and identify areas that we can target to make the most of our budget. As sales increase, we can then scale up the campaigns and grow with a larger investment.

We will help you make the right decisions for your business in terms of campaign type and structure.

Google Partner

We Are Google Partners

We are Google partners, and each one of our PPC specialists is an expert in Google and Bing AdWords campaigns.

We have the performance of our campaigns monitored and keep up to date with all the latest changes within the digital marketing sphere.

Ad platforms change at a quick pace, and we stay at the front in terms of taking advantage of new features and campaign data analysis.

Chester Town Centre

Get Ahead of The The Competition

Once, the high street was a bustling place, and advertisers focused on Newspaper adverts and other forms of traditional marketing media to drive customers to your business in Chester.

Now, smart businesses realise the landscape has shifted, and you can target specific users looking for your products or services explicitly.

Mass advertising has a lot of waste associated with it. You are getting in front of people who may not be looking for your product, and they will barely acknowledge your promotion. With paid advertising, we will only show for people who have a real interest or desire to purchase.


Where to find us?

Our Wallasey office on the Wirral is just a short drive away from Chester, so we'd love to meet in person to talk more about Paid campaigns for your business!

55-57 Seabank Road,
CH45 7PA

Phone: 0151 652 4777

Email: info@maxwebsolutions.com