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The Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Wirral

Maxweb is a leading PPC agency and digital marketing company based in Wirral. We are experts at all things digital, including web design, SEO and digital marketing.

At our office based on Seacombe Road, we have a team of PPC consultants with a history of helping businesses in the local area with their paid ads.

We can help optimise your Google and Bing ad campaigns through optimisations that can lower your ad spend and increase conversion.

Call your local Maxweb office on 0151 652 4777 and speak to a PPC advisor in Wirral today.


Pmax Campaign

Pmax Campaigns

Pmax campaigns bring a level of automation to your adverts and help to consolodate search and shopping advertisements.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Google shopping can be a great place to attract new customers to your products. We cover everthing from feed optomisation and maintanence to landing page experience.

Adwords search campaign logo

Search Adverts

We can help improve the quality score of your secrh adverts in Bing and Google, lowering you average CPC delivering a better ROAS.

What Our Customers Think

Customer Reviews
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    Olympia Stewart

    We have worked with Maxweb over the past few months to design and create a professional and bespoke website to reflect the brand development in our...

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    Scott Mcnicol

    Maxweb built our new website and was offer fantastic support, guidance and knowledge to truly build us a professional website and we highly recomme...

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    centre line

    We Highly recommend Max Web Solutions, as a new business we received all the guidance and advice that has helped our business grow rapidly in the l...

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    Paul Andrew

    Mark and his Team at Maxweb Solutions are a Vital and Integral part of our Businesses, having provided the Very best Professional Support for in ex...

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    Julie Balmer

    Maxweb came out and completed a virtual tour of the pub. The guys were so professional and friendly and took full control and managed everything. A...

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    Adrian Thomas

    As digital Agencies go these guys play a straight bat and don’t hype themselves up or overstate their ability to second guess Google. They are extr...

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    Phil Paul McWilliam

    Mark and the guys at max-web have been looking after our website and seo for for over 10 years now and cannot fault the level of professionalism an...

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    Richard Smith

    They have always been professional and responsive to issues and offer excellent customer service. I highly recommend there services to anyone.

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  • Christian Loyal's profile image

    Christian Loyal

    Great team, very knowledgeable.

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How We Help with PPC

Our team of paid ad specialists can help your business grow by increasing the revenues you return from your paid ad investments.

Each campaign we manage is bespoke and based on what works for your business.

For both new and existing campaigns, we will look at the following:

  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Ad Copy Improvements
  • Bid Adjustments
  • Negative Keywords
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Campaign Structures
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Extensions
  • Feed Optimisation
  • Ad Compliance
  • A/B Testing
  • Ongoing Experiments
  • Geo-Targeting

Each campaign will be monitored by your own PPC account manager, and work will be performed on a daily basis, responding to data and acting on initiatives.

There are opportunities for every business using Google and Bing ads to generate a positive return. We will help you find these areas and keywords so that your campaigns bring in a regular profit for your business.


Our Clients

Pay Per Click Targeting

All our Pay Per Click (PPC) clients receive their very own account manager to work with on a daily basis. Your campaigns will be set up and optimised based on your target audience and stipulations.

Wirral Peninsula

Local PPC Targeting in Wirral

We can target exact geographical areas in AdWords and Bing. If you have a furniture store, for example, and the objective is to drive visits to your shop, we can advertise in the local area or use a set radius around your store.

This allows us to only target visitors who are within the travelling range of the store. This also allows us to reduce the costs of the advertisements as we will not be wasting ad spend on customers who, realistically, may not travel many mile to your store.

We can target visitors on the Wirral peninsula and also tailor the advertisement to highlight the locality of your store, which can increase the click-through rate of your advertisements.

United Kingdom Map

National PPC Targeting

At maxweb, we can also set up and optimise your existing search, shopping and pmax campaigns on a national level.

If you run an e-commerce website or B2B website that provides services throughout the country, we can target specific keywords and user profiles.

We can target people based on their age, sex, location, income, device type, interest group and time of day they are searching.

We also run experiments with ad copy and bid adjustments to maximise your return on investment.

Tailored Pay Per Click Campaigns

We specialise in tailored PPC campaigns for every client. Our Google AdWords-certified team is hugely experienced in multiple industries, including:

  • Retail PPC
  • Healthcare PPC
  • Financial Services PPC
  • Manufacturing PPC
  • Tradesman PPC
  • Cosmetics PPC
  • B2B PPC
  • B2C PPC
  • Renewable Energy PPC
  • Logistics PPC
  • Legal Services PPC

Our team is here to help your business in the Wirral with all Google and Bing-related marketing services. You can drop in for a chat with us anytime regarding your campaigns, and we will even conduct a free PPC audit on your behalf.

Wirral Office
55-57 Seabank Road,
CH45 7PA

Is PPC Advertising Expensive?

Pay Per Click Advertising is where you bid on a specific search term. Some search terms can cost as little as £0.5 and some can cost £15. It depends on what search terms you target and the volume of searches and of course you daily budget.

Can I Target Certain Areas?

Yes, you can target Birkenhead or Wallasey, Liverpool or London. We can target any location in the world with PPC adverts.

Who Will Mage My Account?

One of our qualified PPC consultants will mange your account and together we will come up with a strategic plan that we will execute. We will monitor your adverts on a daily basis and make adjustments as we recieve data on conversions and cost per click (cpc).

Can I Visit Your Office?

Sure, you can come and have a cuppa with us anytime to discuss your account. We have an office on Seacombe Road and are alway happy to see our clients.