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SEO Bolton

Expert SEO Service in Bolton

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Choose Maxweb for SEO in Bolton

Here at Maxweb Solutions, we have a dedicated SEO team delivering expert SEO Services in Bolton. SEO is simply the art of ranking high in the search engines so people can find your product or service easily. If your website based in Bolton is on page 2 or beyond, chances are you will not pick up much traffic.

Conveniently, Bolton is just a 30-minute drive from our Lancashire-based office and a 1-hour drive from Maxweb’s head office based in the North West. When choosing an SEO agency, it is results that matter, as with many related areas, work can be conducted from anywhere in the world.

Choosing our local company gives added benefits as we are in the same time zone and can arrange regular meetings in person to discuss and strategize our approach to search engine optimisation.

Bolton is extremely well placed to target not only close geographical regions such as Manchester and Liverpool but also the Midlands and Nationally through its central location.

If you are not picking up traffic, you will not be picking up sales, so it is a key component of your website strategy and can fuel your business growth.

Why Do I Need SEO?

Google dominates the search engine market in the UK today. In the past, when people were looking for a product or service, they may have picked up the Bolton News or Yellow Pages and shifted through the pages. Maybe they just took a trip to the High street and browsed through various shops.

Now people are searching the internet all the time, a whole host of services and products are only a few short clicks away, and people can instantly look up not only yours but other companies’ services; geographical barriers have been broken down, or have they?


SEO Cost in Bolton

SEO can vary in price from company to company in Bolton. Here at Maxweb, our prices start from £300 per month for SEO. The amount of time we can spend on your site will be determined by the amount you invest in SEO. Of course, customers who pay £2000 pound per month will have more time dedicated to their websites as this is what they have paid for.

The more you pay does not dictate the type of SEO work we perform on your behalf. Technical issues and on-page optimization are ranked by quick wins and also by priority for all our clients.


What Do I Get?

All our SEO clients receive a dedicated account manager and monthly reporting on all tracked keywords. We will work together with you to set out both your short-term and long-term objectives and develop a plan to make these targets achievable.

Working with our SEO team, your input will be very important as we develop our strategy and come up with creative ideas on how to gain better rankings in the search engines. As a leading SEO agency, we produce regular feedback on all agreed updates and deliver progress reports to every client. Updates can be varied on the type of SEO work we produce, including:


  • Technical SEO
  • Site Speed Updates
  • Fixing Issues and Coding Errors
  • Existing Content Updates
  • Local SEO Updates
  • New Web Pages and Designs
  • Outreach Campaigns
  • Onsite SEO Improvements
  • Schema Markup Optimization
  • Internal Link Optimization

A Local Search in Bolton

In 2014 Google launched an update commonly referred to as the “Pigeon Update”. This change altered Google’s search algorithm to give a preference to local businesses in certain cases. When you search “Barbers near me” in Bolton, you will of course, see different results for the same search terms based in London.

So if you are based in Bolton and somebody searches for a product or service you provide, you do indeed have a better chance of showing on the 1st page or maybe in the Google map section of local listed businesses. But not every business is the same, you could be a B2B business providing consultancy services or an informational website or charity that wants to raise awareness and these geographical elements are not as important.

Part of The Marketing Mix

We use SEO as part of the marketing mix and it plays a crucial element alongside other products and services you produce. When creating a new product or service,we should also have in mind how this will work in correlation with our overall Digital Strategy.

A dial with the words value


SEO can provide a great return on investment. We do not need to pay to be listed in Google’s search results, only have great content that people find of use.

Now there may be a cost associated with producing this content. But one page can rank for multiple keywords, in terms of performance, it really does have a great ROI.

American Express estimate that SEO is 9 times cheaper than alternative marketing techniques such as placing Google adverts. We know Google adverts dominate the top of the search engines but think about this scaled across multiple products, categories and keywords.

A man holding a sign which says domain rating

SEO Can Increase Authority

You may have heard of the phrase “Domain Authority”. If not a quick explainer, the website link out to your site, the more authority it will gain in a particular field.

Now, these links are best coming from related sources. If for example, you sell pet food, links from Pet Manufacturing companies and magazines discussing healthy diets for dogs are all relevant links.

Now the more useful content we have based around these topics, people will find these topics and link out to them, increasing your authority.

So just by being placed higher in the search engines, people and businesses will find your content, and as a result, you will acquire more relevant links and grow your domain authority naturally.

Graph showing long tail keywords

A Tailored Approach to SEO in Bolton

When you set about marketing your Business in Bolton, you must decide what terms or phrases you want to target. We can help you here with this task.

You may not be ready to target a big national term like “Hoodies” just yet, but SEO should be considered a long-term approach to growth. We could target long tail keywords for now why the business is small, from here and over time, we will grow our authority and give ourselves a greater chance of picking up placement for the more competitive keywords.

You could be better placed right now to target high-volume competitive keywords, but our strategy will depend on reality, with a clear roadmap in place for growth with specific landmarks or targets to attain.

What Our SEO Clients Say

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Access the Best SEO Tools

When you use Maxwebs solutions for your business, you will gain access to all the latest and best SEO tools on the market.

We use a variety of SEO tools to help businesses of every size and these can cost £1000’s per year. But you will also need somebody to interpret this data and use the information in planning and implementing fixes.

Any person can be passed a tool such as a chisel, but only a few people can carve a beautiful object using the tool. The same applies to SEO tools; anybody can look at the data, but knowing what to do with it is important.

Here is a list of some of the most popular SEO tools we use and what we use them for:



Google Search Console

Google Seach Console

Google Search Console is absolutely free to everybody. You can sign up for a free account with Google to access lots of information about your website.

You can use this tool to find mobile and page speed issues on your website and also to find any issues Google may have when crawling your website.

You can analyse each page individually to see what a user searched for to find the webpage and track the page’s progress over time.

This is where we add your websites sitemap, helping google find all the URLs on your website and making it easier for your site to be crawled and web pages indexed.


Screaming Frog

Screaming Fog

Screaming frog is more of an advanced SEO tool. We use this tool to crawl your website, looking for technical SEO issues.

If, for example, you have a 1000-page website and want to remove the word “free delivery” across the site, where would you start? It could be on over 100 pages, and how could you find all instances of the word?

Well, we would simply crawl your website looking for these search terms and produce a list of pages with the text that needs removing.

This is one small aspect of the things we can do with this tool, it can look at 100’s of  different elements.

Anybody can download screaming frog, but you can only crawl 500 URLs before you need to move onto the paid version.



Ahrefs is a fantastic tool for SEO. One big benefit of using Ahrefs is that it allows us to do a complete competitor analysis on backlinks.

Backlinks and Domain authority are important areas concerned with offsite SEO.

The platform also has an auditing tool which is more user-friendly than using an advanced tool such as Screaming to find basic technical SEO issues.

Although Ahrefs can be on the expensive side, especially for small companies, it is an important tool to help with identifying off-site SEO factors and growing your domain authority.



Semrush has a huge suite of SEO tools and is one of the most used platforms by SEO consultants.

You can find everything here, from site auditing, competitor analysis, keyword research, marketing insights and keyword position tracking.

This is not a free tool, and you will be paying over £1000 per year to access semrush. For many small businesses, this can be on the expensive side, but it is a very useful SEO platform.

If you are looking for an alternative to semrush, you could always try SE Ranking, which is less expensive but can also be effective.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool which most people are familiar with. It has recently changed to GA4 and gives us plenty of event-based information and user insights.

We can use this tool to understand how users are behaving by looking at events, time on the page, bounce rates and exit rates and demographic information.

Ussr interactions and onsite SEO are hugely important in SEO and Google analytics helps us to identify and track areas for improvement.

Microsoft Clarity

Microsofy Clarity

Another free tool is Microsoft Clarity. Using Clarity you can record users’ sessions for free and it also gives you heatmaps and click information.

It can be especially important for e-commerce companies but can also be used for SEO. We can use this tool to look for dead clicks and rage clicks for example.

What is good for the user is good for SEO and Clarity can help you identify issues may experience whilst navigating your website.