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What Is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour can be a great way to see a place without travelling. It is an immersive experience that gives you a realistic view of a place as if you are there in person.

It creates the ability to explore different parts of the world from the comfort of your own home so you can get a feel for what it would be like to visit in person.

By taking a virtual tour, you can get an idea of what a place is like before deciding whether to travel there in person. Virtual tours are a great option whether you’re looking to explore new places or just to save on travel costs.

How Can Virtual Tours Benefit My Business?

Virtual tours offer many benefits for both businesses and consumers. The most obvious are as follows:

It Is Realistic – Showcasing a realistic representation of your business can help better promote the services and experience you are offering. Potential customers are often weighing up several options when deciding whether to book a wedding venue or hotel room for example, by offering a more immersive showcase of your facilities, you will be giving your business a much needed edge over your competitors.

It Provides Convenience – Save time and resources for both the customer and your staff by removing in-person visits that will become unnecessary when creating a full virtual tour of your premises.

It Improves Online Visibility – Virtual tours are proven to help improve search engine traffic by generating more interest from local searches. Businesses on Google Maps often show up higher in the results and generate more engagement due to a virtual tour being available.

It Boosts Traffic and Sales – The increase in online visibility and the other benefits outlined above contribute to a greater number of leads and sales for your business. Don’t believe us? Speak to our team to discover all the benefits virtual tours can offer your business.

What Features Does a VR Tour Provide?

Dollhouse View

Dollhouse View

Because we use infrared sensors to scan and measure the building, we can create a 3D model allowing viewers to understand the fundamental layout and scaling of the space.

Floor Plan View

Floor Plan View

The 2D floor plan view shows the layout of the building. Individual rooms, areas or items can be labelled to give the viewer a clear understanding about how to get from one area to another.

If you need a 2D schematic floor plan with dimensions, we can also provide that for you!

Example of Guided Tour

Highlight Reel

The highlight reel allows the user to jump to particular places in the tour (rather than walking through manually). The locations are user defined so you can choose what you need to highlight in your tour.

By using the auto-play function, the tour will run through the highlight reel in sequence, scanning each location in turn.

Google Virtual Tour

We can upload your completed virtual tour to Google making it accessible on local map searches.

It's VR Ready

All completed tours are compatible with a VR headset all you need to do is share the link with your device.

It's Interactive

Users can rotate around rooms and zoom in on anything they find interesting.

Add Descriptions

Information about specific items or rooms on the tour can be described to users through informational pop-outs.

Become a Virtual Tour Guide

Offer to go through the tour through a virtual tour on platforms like Zoom or automate a virtual tour by letting us create step-by-step guides throughout your building.

It Creates Floor Plans

When creating the tour, our state-of-the-art software maps out the space around it creating visual floor spaces that can be used for transporting to different areas of the building.

Industries We Cover

Virtual tours offer unlimited capabilities making them useful for almost any industry, see below examples of just some of the industries we have worked with in the past.

VR Tours - Education Industry

VR Tours For The Education Industry

Need a virtual walkthrough of a school, college or university campus? We can offer a full guided tour to showcase the best of what your education setting has to offer.

VR Tours - Manufacturing Industry

VR Tours For The Manufacturing Industry

Virtual tours of manufacturing facilities can be the perfect alternative to guided tours which often require a lot of health and safety checks with potential disruption to assembly lines.

VR Tours - Finance Industry

VR Tours For The Finance Industry

Whether you are a bank or a local accounting firm, our virtual tours could be ideal for promoting a welcoming atmosphere that is friendly and warm to potential customers.

VR Tours - Retail Industry

VR Tours For The Retail Industry

Whether you are looking for a virtual e-commerce store or just want to give customers an insight into your store, our virtual tours can help. Floor plans of your space are also provided.

VR Tours - Construction Industry

VR Tours For The Construction Industry

Want to show off your latest construction project that will grab attention? Virtual tours help increase engagement and interest in your business by encouraging user interaction.

VR Tours - Real Estate Industry

VR Tours For The Real Estate Industry

Bespoke virtual tours are perfect for selling properties online. They eliminate the need for in-person viewings by virtually giving house buyers a full look through any property.

VR Tours - Health Industry

VR Tours For The Health Industry

We have worked with healthcare providers such as rehab facilities to provide a full virtual tour of their premises which has brought a lot of new enquiries about their services.

VR Tours - Hospitality Industry

VR Tours For The Hospitality Industry

Give potential customers a chance to look more in-depth at your available facilities. Market research has suggested that hotels with virtual tours often generate more online bookings.

VR Tours - Entertainment, Sports and Leisure Industry

VR Tours For The Hospitality Industry

Give potential customers a chance to look more in-depth at your available facilities. Market research has suggested that hotels with virtual tours often generate more online bookings.

How Does a Virtual Tour Improve Google Rankings? 

Having a virtual tour which is listed on Google can both improve your Google presence and provide your website with more organic traffic.  

Through the Street View Publish API, virtual tours of your business can be added to Google Maps which will improve the interaction on your site and increase the visibility of your website. 

Not only does it help with SEO ranking, having a Google virtual tour on your website also helps consumers appreciate seeing a business before visiting in person. It not only builds trust, but also provides potential clients with an insight into your business who otherwise would not have interacted with your site. 

Having a virtual tour listed also improves the Google map rankings of your website which leads to an increase in visitors and engagement. Interaction and engagement in business websites are important.

Take the Stress Out of Virtual Tours 

It can be difficult to know where to start once you’ve decided that you want to feature a 3D virtual tour on your Google listing and website. This is where the team at Maxweb can step in.  

We offer video production services and can film your business within a day. We then edit together the images to create a virtual tour for you. We have the expertise and industry leading equipment to help you create an amazing feature for your website at an affordable and worthwhile price. 

It is important that virtual video tours of businesses are high quality and are done correctly, which is something we can guarantee at Maxweb – why not start today? 

Why Invest in a Google Virtual Tour 

It is well known that online presence and social media have become an integral part of business. A huge number of people search for a product or service online before visiting in person, so online website marketing matters more now than ever. 

This is why a virtual tour is such a beneficial feature to have on your website and Google maps listing. Once you have made the initial investment into the video production, the value of your 3D tour will continue to benefit your business and online presence.  

3D video tours work across all types of devices, which makes them a valuable element to have on your site. Not only do video tours allow visitors to see what you offer at all hours, it is also extremely accessible and easy to navigate. 

The team at Maxweb can help you with the entire process and provide you with any information or updates that you require. Using the latest technology, our video production team can quickly create a high-quality virtual tour which will boost your rankings on Google and improve visibility of your business. 

Nova Recovery Virtual Tour

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Asana Lodge Virtual Tour

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Want To Speak To A Virtual Tour Specialist ?

How to Book a Virtual Tour with Us 

Our 3D virtual tour service will boost your website and can lead to an increase in clients. The team at Maxweb are experts in marketing for websites and have years of experience in video production, which is why you can trust that we are the right people to help your business.  

If you are interested in booking a virtual tour with us for your website, please get in touch so we can arrange a meeting or provide you with more information. You can call us on 0151 652 4777 or email us at for any enquires.  

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