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Search Engine Optomisation Manchester

If you’re looking for an SEO agency for your Manchester-based business and website, you’ve landed on the right page.

At Maxweb, we have an experienced team of SEO’s that will increase the organic traffic to your website in search engines such as Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo.

We have worked with all kinds of businesses in Manchester, from big retail e-commerce companies, boutique websites, self-employed entrepreneurs, B2B companies and small startups.

Our SEO team works in collaboration with our website developers, designers and digital marketing division to ensure your website is fully optimised and in a great position for growth in the search engines.

We don’t cross our fingers and hope for the best when it comes to optimising your website. Our SEO experts use proven tactics and years of experience to implement a bespoke SEO strategy to your site and get it ranking higher, leading to more conversions and increasing brand awareness.

A Professional SEO Company

With many years of experience in SEO for a wide range of companies, our SEO professionals know everything there is to know about SEO and the strategies that can help grow your website.

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Content Marketing

Our content optomisation team create SEO enriched articles that contribute to growing the topical authority of your website.

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On-Page SEO

Onsite SEO is performed on each page. We optomise for end users and in turn this can have a positive effect in your posotion within the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

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Off-Page SEO

We understand the importance of healthy backlinks and campaigning to increase brand awareness. We only perform white hat SEO that adheres to Google webmaster guidelines.

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Technical Fixes

Our in-house SEO developers are at hand to offer fixes to technical seo issues. These can range from indexing problems to technical errors that impact performance.

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Page Speed Optomisation

Our team of specialists are consistently monitoring site speed, we understand the importance of an efficient site and address any issues that are causing your site to load slow.

Our SEO Services in Manchester

We provide a huge range of SEO services in Manchester. You can create a bespoke package with specific elements, such as fixing technical SEO issues, or we can work on your website each month, covering a wide range of SEO topics.

We provide:

  • Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • e-Commerce SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Internal Link Optimisation
  • External link Optimisation
  • White Hat Link Building
  • Site Speed Improvements
  • Content Updates
  • Meta Tag Optimisation
  • SEO Audits
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Schema Markup
  • Usability Testing
  • A/B Testing
  • SEO Testing
  • Position Tracking
  • Google My Business Updates
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Google Search Console Errors
  • Monthly SEO Reporting

We begin by using our SEO auditing tools and identify areas that we can improve in the eyes of the Google algorithm.

Issues such as search engine penalties and duplicate content will be identified and resolved. Following this, we will create a bespoke SEO strategy that we will work on in the coming months to increase your position in the search engines.

It is important to identify any quick wins that can help turn around your traffic potential straight away. These can be crawling or indexing issues that are stopping pages from being indexed to duplicate or thin content pages.

SEO Tools We Use

SEO Prices

We cater for small and large companies in Manchester with our SEO package deals. Our deals start from just £300 per month and are ideal for small businesses.

If you have a large e-commerce company, we can also dedicate the time you need to really have an impact organically with a fully dedicated team and deliverable SEO project.

With a clear focus on products and categories, our SEO for e-commerce companies can help put your products in front of people and become a major source of revenue in your digital marketing strategy.

Bronze Medal

Small Company SEO from £300

Ideal for small companies, our starter SEO package will give you both technical SEO and onsite content updates to help your business grow.

Silver Medal

Medium Sized Company SEO From £1000

Medium sized companies may wish to expand on what they have already built. If you now need expert help with SEO, we can help.

Gold Medal

Large Company SEO from £2000

If you run a large business or e-Commerce store, we have the experience of competing and ranking for top level broad range keywords.

Rank For Your Chosen Keywords

When we work on any client’s website, they always give us a list of keywords they would like to rank for.

We check your chosen keywords, sitewide keyword density, semantic keywords and other long tail keywords you can pick up position for.

We then inspect each landing page, looking at bounce rate, exit rate, dwell time and user experience (UX) SEO.

Our updates to pages follow SEO best practices and will help both your position in search engines and aim to increase user engagement.

Our software tracks all of these keywords on a monthly basis as we monitor fluctuations in the search results and the impact of our updates.

1ST Positions

Tracked Keyword Reporting

As part of our service, you will receive a monthly report on where you rank for each keyword.

As you can see in this example, we have a local company ranking in 1st position for multiple local search terms.

You can see the position from previous dates and how employing a specialist SEO agency can help you achieve top ranking in search engines over a period of time.

Understanding User Intent

When we look at growing your website through SEO, we try to understand the intent behind a user search.

A person could only be looking for information on a topic,  or looking to purchase a product. In both these cases, the content delivered should be tailored to answer their query.

User intent is identified by the type of search query a user performs in a search engine:

Navigational Search: A user is looking for a specific page such as “Amazon login”

Transactional Search: A user is looking to make a transaction such as “order pizza”

Commercial Search: A user is looking for information before purchasing, such as “Best SEO companies in Manchester”

Informational Search: A user is looking for information on a topic such as “What is technical SEO”


When we understand the intent behind a keyword, we can better satisfy a users query.

If a person is performing an informational search query, we need to ensure our pages have information on the topic and answer the query fully.

If a person is performing a commercial or transactional search, we need to alter our content to provide information about the product or service with a suitable call to action or checkout button.

By basing our content around satisfying user intent, we can boost position for the keywords and also provide a positive user experience when people find the web page.

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The Benefits of Investing in Our SEO Packages in Manchester

Investing in SEO for your Manchester-based business will bring many benefits.

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SEO Can Bring A Positive Return on Investment

By investing in SEO, your website will receive more visitors; if you convert these visits into paying customers, your business will increase its sales.

Businesses can easily spend £300 on a newspaper advert or pay-per-click campaign. But the potential behind these impressions or clicks is exhausted immediately once viewed.

If you achieve a top ranking through SEO, it will deliver clicks and impressions every day to multiple different users. So it can deliver over the long term and keep a steady income coming to your business.

Not only does SEO help increase sales, it also builds brand awareness. A customer may find your website and come back at a future point if they leave your site with a positive impression.

We have worked with a variety of companies in Manchester and have expertise in many competitive environments, whether it be an e-commerce, business, blog, events, nonprofit, portfolio website or anything else you hope to rank – our team can cater to your needs.

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Access Leading SEO Software

SEO software can be pretty pricey, especially the ones that you really need. If you need to boost your website’s visibility and SEO in the Manchester area, you will need tools to analyse competitors, undertake keyword research, run technical audits, crawl for errors and find potential opportunities.

Tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, Screaming Frog and Moz are some of the more popular tools, but subscribing to them all can set you back thousands of pounds per year. Beyond that, you will need people to interpret this data and put the tools to good use.

This is important because if everybody follows what a tool tells them to do, they will end up the same. So yes, we use SEO tools, but you need the experience and knowledge to know what to use them for.

The good news is, here at Maxweb, we have all the software you could need and experienced SEO’s. We can take a deep dive into your top competitors and ensure that we have a plan to overtake them on the SERP (search engine results page), conduct thorough site audits, delve into keyword research, and so much more.

We combine our extensive knowledge with software to ensure that we are doing things not only in the best way but in the most time-efficient way possible.

We pride ourselves on efficacy, and you can see why by taking a look at a snippet of our projects here.

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A Multi Disciplined Team

Unlike having somebody in-house, you aren’t relying on the expertise of one singular SEO expert, in fact, at Maxweb, you can take advantage of a whole team of consultants that all have varied expertise.

This is one of our strengths here at Maxweb. We can pluck tactics from each and every one of our SEO consultants in Manchester to ensure that we are leaving no room for error. This is one of the things that makes us so unique, and we have input from in-house developers, SEO consultants, content specialists and more.

Ready to See Your Business Take Off?

Whatever the size of your business, we can help those who are searching for the right team to conduct their SEO in Manchester.

If you want to get a quote, get a FREE SEO site audit, or even find out about more of our SEO services such as Local SEO, National SEO, Shopify SEO or Magento SEO don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


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