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Healthcare Lead Generation

Private healthcare is on the rise with 12% of the UK’s population now being registered at a clinic. Even more interesting is that, in recent months, search engine tools have revealed the term ‘private healthcare’ has been searched more than 14,000 times. These searches are people looking for information, answers, reviews and contact details – and they could be your customers.

But how exactly do you know who these people are? And how do you ensure that your company information is landing in front of exactly the right audience. Simple: with healthcare lead generation that does all of the hard work for you.


Importance of Leads for Private Healthcare Services

The healthcare industry already faces a number of challenges – be it budget restrictions, long waiting lists, or staff shortages. This makes it very difficult to dedicate the required time and resources to communication and marketing. But, without these two things, your healthcare organisation risks not being able to find new customers and market connections.

Our proven lead generation strategy can find the people who are interested in healthcare, present the relevant information to them and inspire them to act – either by getting in touch, booking an appointment or clicking onto your website. Put simply, our healthcare lead generation services are an effective way to boost your business with leads.

What’s more, you can trust that each lead will be a high-quality lead. We have years of experience providing lead generation in the healthcare industry and are well-versed in the level of sensitivity, professionalism and compassion that is required in this type of outreach.

Chart showing spike in traffic from organic SEO Graph Showing an Increase in External Referring Domains

We have plenty of experience gaining healthcare leads. Over the past decade, we have worked with multiple healthcare businesses such as private rehab company Step 1 Recovery and rehab clinics across the UK. We have built their websites and increased leads by using web design developments and SEO to boost visibility and ranking on Google.

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How We Generate Healthcare Leads

The healthcare industry relies heavily on good reviews and objective results in order to gain interest from potential new patients. Marketing can’t be pushy and communication needs to be direct – yet respectful and sensitive. We use proven approaches that carefully generate interest and get qualified leads in place for your sales team to take over.

Organic SEO

Using the right keywords and user-friendly text, plus a few extra SEO recommendations, your website will appear high for popular search terms in the industry. Plus, when the right people land on your website, we can ensure they stay with SEO best practices like internal linking.

Social Media (for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

Social media offers a direct opportunity for organisations in any industry to connect and engage with potential customers. Plus, it can be used to build relationships which then lead to contact and sales. One study even revealed that nearly 60% of consumers said a hospital’s social media presence influenced their choice. With our professional social media posting, we can place relevant adverts about your organisation in front of the right people, telling your story and highlighting your brand message, while encouraging action with a tailored CTA.

Google Ads and Bing Ads

Ensure your company information appears every time someone searches for certain keywords and phrases. By targeting a specific audience based on location, you know every lead will be relevant too. Plus, with regular analysis on clicks, views and ROI, we can tweak your ads to promote success. What’s more, our team offers a fresh take on certain topics and trends and can think outside of the box when it comes to messaging and communication styles.

Working Together with Your Business

Think of us as your partner. Here to assist at every stage of your sales process, we work in tandem with your existing team. What’s more, our collaborative approach has helped so many companies in the healthcare industry to find stronger connections and, more importantly, foster them into strong opportunities. That’s not all as you’ll get:

  • CRM integration
  • Lead reporting dashboard
  • Notifications as leads come in

Our lead generation services clean up your contacts, giving you high-quality leads that your sales team can nurture. This means you can focus on continuing to provide the service and care that your leads are looking for. Plus, with knowledge of what competitors are doing, you can be the difference that potential patients and their families are in need of.

As experts in healthcare lead generation, we’ve helped lots of organisations in the industry to identify the right people and ensure their company information is being shown to those people – and you could be next.

Payment Options

At Maxweb Solutions, we offer a pay-per-lead model or a standard monthly contract so you can choose how we work together. Plus, for those on a standard monthly contract, you have the option to cancel, free of charge, within the first three months if you have a change of heart.

We always recommend one of these two options for those who are looking for results fast. For longer-term goals, we’ll work with your team to create a long-term plan that meets your business needs and mission.

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