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Boost your online sales with eCommerce SEO services.

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What's Involved in eCommerce SEO?

As an eCommerce SEO agency, Maxweb understands how to get your eCommerce products where they need to be and we can achieve this by providing our tried and tested eCommerce SEO services.

The truth is, an eCommerce business – more than any other online service – will succeed or fail based on its SEO performance. After all, if somebody can’t find your products, how will they buy them?

eCommerce SEO services provide a very specific set of challenges. An eCommerce site usually contains a large number of products and product pages. And you need these pages to rank highly on search engines when people type in relevant terms. Furthermore, competition is usually fierce.

We understand the challenges involved. But we also have a solution…

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Ecommerce SEO Services Available at Maxweb

Our range of eCommerce SEO services has been designed to suit any online shopping platform.

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What Does an eCommerce SEO Agency Do?

We have the expertise to ensure that your online store ranks highly when people type in relevant searches on Google. Our experienced SEO Wirral team is on-hand to guide you through the process which will help drive business results for your organisation.

But we don’t look at it as a box-ticking exercise. We really take the time to understand your business offering:

  • What do you sell?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • What are your business goals?

The sheer complexity of eCommerce websites requires a particular set of SEO skills, which we have in abundance. Here’s how we work…

eCommerce Keyword Research

We Uncover New Opportunities Through Keyword Research

A fundamental element of any SEO campaign is keyword research. As an eCommerce SEO agency, we’re experts in identifying the keywords, and long tail keywords, which are relevant to the products you sell. In other words, we’ll identify all the words which your potential customers will use to find you.

Even in a competitive marketplace, we can uncover hidden opportunities to help you get ahead of the competition.

Once we’ve identified the keywords, we’ll develop a keyword strategy which will enable us to ensure those keywords are seamlessly integrated across the whole site, putting your eCommerce service on the path to success.

So, in the first leg of your journey with us, we’ll reveal all these keywords and show you why they are so important to your offering. We’ll then lay down a keyword roadmap which will ensure they are successfully targeted and optimised across the whole website.

eCommerce SEO Optimisation

We Optimise Your Whole Site

The SEO strategy needs to be implemented across the whole site. It requires more than just inputting keywords onto relevant pages (though that certainly helps). Sometimes we have to reorganise the site architecture so that all the product categories link effectively with individual items.

In other words, the way that content is organised across the site can sometimes need tweaking or even overhauling. As an eCommerce SEO agency we can quickly identify these areas that require attention.

The way that site pages link to one another is important too. For example, a homepage which links to the product category page, which in turn links to individual items. At every step the link text (and meta data) needs to be optimised for search.

You can further boost SEO performance across the site with your blog content. There are many different action points for improving eCommerce SEO, and when you employ our services you can be assured that we will identify all the opportunities and clearly present them to you.

eCommerce Content Creation

We Create Winning eCommerce Content

Maxweb is an eCommerce SEO agency which combines SEO and content marketing expertise all in one place. So, we don’t just identify opportunity, we execute it.

Our expertise in content marketing means that we can help come up creative content ideas for further boosting SEO and finding new and innovative ways to reach your target customers. We may also look beyond your website for content marketing opportunities.

For example, there may be websites relevant to your product offering to which we can provide ‘guest posts’ and get links back to your website. Authoritative blogs, online publications and influencers can be identified, which can be used to provide further opportunities for driving traffic, improving SEO and building your brand.

Whether on your own site or a third-party site, high quality content can be a key factor for driving customers leads and increasing sales.

SEO Services

We Share Your Results

There’s a lot on the line for you and your business. Proving eCommerce SEO services that achieve results is a complex business and we understand that you will want complete clarity at every step of the journey. When we work with a client, we provide full transparency right from the start.

That begins with the SEO keyword strategy. You will be able to see the key findings from our keyword analysis, all explained in simple English (and in even simpler graphs). We will then demonstrate the areas of improvement and what you can realistically expect in terms of results.

In summary: you get an evidence-based, results-driven eCommerce SEO agency which keeps you in the loop.

That also means clear pricing points for our services which outline, in incredibly simple terms, what we will do, and by what timescale.

Choose Your eCommerce SEO Agency

We believe that any good SEO agency should be part of the client’s team. We may not be working from the same office, but we’re working for same cause: making your eCommerce business a success.

It’s a competitive world out there. Every kind of product or service you sell will also be sold by other online retailers. In order to get the better of them, your site needs to be the best. That means:

  • the best SEO practices
  • the best keyword optimisation
  • the best content creation

We will deliver all of this to your company and ensure that you get ahead of the competition.

Without an expertly developed SEO strategy built for the specific needs of your eCommerce site, you’re left with a patchwork of strategies and ideas. In today’s marketplace, only the best will do.

Contact Maxweb’s eCommerce SEO Agency today and find out what we can do for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need eCommerce SEO?

Search engine optimisation is an invaluable part of generating traffic and sales online.

With most eCommerce stores providing their services strictly over the web, the need to generate traffic from search engines should be an absolutely vital part of any online stores marketing strategy.

How Important is SEO to My eCommerce Business?

As mentioned above, SEO should be an absolutely integral part of attracting new customers to your website.

Without visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing new customers will struggle to find your products and services which could be seriously affecting your sites ability to generate sales.

What are the Top 3 SEO Strategies for an eCommerce Site?

The top 3 most proven SEO strategies used on eCommerce sites are:

- Technical SEO Site Audit: Used to fix errors and identify immediate improvements.

- Site Speed Optimisation: Faster sites are proven to rank better in the search results and can lead to better conversion rates and ROI.

- Onsite & Offsite Optimisation: Onsite involves improving your sites internal linking structure, keyword optimisation, content, images, meta titles/descriptions plus much more. Offsite involves improving external factors via link building methods such as guest posting, outreach and citation building.

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