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Above and Beyond Technical-SEO

Our team of SEO experts deliver technical SEO services for enhanced organic search performance. Creating quality content isn’t enough for websites to perform well in organic search, which is why our technical SEO specialists lay the foundations for performing websites on search.

Analytical auditing and technical problem-solving is what we excel in. From identifying and resolving major technical issues such as sitemaps, cannibalisation, links, and crawl management, we strive to enhance our clients’ organic visibility and take them to the top of search.

Our SEO agency continues to deliver technical services for renowned clients and push their websites to the top of organic search. Do you need technical SEO specialists to look after your website? We can help.

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Customer Reviews
  • Andrew Roughley's profile image

    Andrew Roughley

    Great website design and very knowledgeable SEO service ongoing.

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  • Christian Loyal's profile image

    Christian Loyal

    Great team, very knowledgeable.

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  • Phil Paul McWilliam's profile image

    Phil Paul McWilliam

    Mark and the guys at max-web have been looking after our website and seo for for over 10 years now and cannot fault the level of professionalism an...

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  • Alan Foster's profile image

    Alan Foster

    Fantastic company to do business with, I would recommend Maxweb to anyone!!

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  • tracy james's profile image

    tracy james

    We have worked close with Maxweb for the last 7 years and have had great success. They have increased our business leads and turnover year on year...

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  • Julie Balmer's profile image

    Julie Balmer

    Maxweb came out and completed a virtual tour of the pub. The guys were so professional and friendly and took full control and managed everything. A...

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  • Richard Smith's profile image

    Richard Smith

    They have always been professional and responsive to issues and offer excellent customer service. I highly recommend there services to anyone.

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  • Paul Andrew's profile image

    Paul Andrew

    Mark and his Team at Maxweb Solutions are a Vital and Integral part of our Businesses, having provided the Very best Professional Support for in ex...

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  • David Allen's profile image

    David Allen

    I have been working with Maxwebsolutions since starting my business over 10 years ago and I can highly recommend their services. They have always b...

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  • Adrian Thomas's profile image

    Adrian Thomas

    As digital Agencies go these guys play a straight bat and don’t hype themselves up or overstate their ability to second guess Google. They are extr...

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What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO involves optimising a website to improve its visibility on search engines, addressing how Google crawls and indexes web pages, and enhancing the overall user experience.

Optimising a website’s technical SEO involves analysing and identifying issues that go against Google’s recommended guidelines and ranking systems, including optimal crawling and indexing, and best practices for offering users a sound page experience on desktop and other smart devices.

Why is Technical SEO Important?

The importance of technical SEO can’t be ignored. Although a lot of SEO ‘experts’ focus on content and on-page optimisation. However, poor technical SEO can be detrimental to search visibility and deter users from your website from all acquired channels.

Technical SEO optimises how Google crawls and indexes web pages to its search engine. An effective SEO strategy makes it easier for crawlers to prioritise your important content and make the process as efficient as possible. This can be especially important for larger websites. Without an effective crawl strategy in place, it can take longer for important content to be crawled and reduce positions in rankings.

It’s not all about Google either. Technical SEO focuses on optimising the user page experience to encourage further interaction, addressing things such as page speed and mobile responsiveness. If users can’t easily access important content when they want, where they want, then they are likely to bounce and visit a competitor’s website.

Specialist Technical SEO Services

We continue to work with our clients to offer detailed and reliable technical SEO services. Our technical SEO specialists can produce detailed technical audits, analyse affecting issues across all aspects of your website, and implement an SEO strategy that aligns with your business goals.

  • Technical Auditing
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Website HTTPS security
  • Content issues
  • Website hierarchy structure analysis
  • Link analysis
  • Crawl errors
  • Website migrations
  • Mobile SEO
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Human-Led Technical Auditing

We don’t just rely on tools to audit your website. We use our human tools to do the job thoroughly and properly. Our technical SEO specialists are experienced in analysing all aspects of a website to identify minor to severe technical issues that can be affecting organic visibility.

After completing technical audits, our team plan and execute a technical SEO strategy based on the severity of your website’s technical issues and how they align with your business goals.

Why Choose Our Technical SEO Agency?

We don’t do the bare minimum when it comes to Technical SEO. Our specialists have gathered years of experience analysing websites and implementing fixes that boost client organic visibility. Our trusted Technical SEO experts are dedicated to improving your website functionality and helping reach your target audiences through effective organic search marketing.

  • Team of Technical SEO specialists
  • Experience working with large websites
  • Results-driven agency
  • 50+ 5* reviews
  • Transparent communication

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Technical SEO FAQs

We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions about Technical SEO…

How much does Technical SEO cost?

The cost of technical SEO depends on various factors including the type of service you want.

We offer one-off technical audits for businesses that want their website to be audited and performed within a period, where we will perform a series of technical fixes. This one-off fee can vary depending on the amount of time you want us to work on the website and the size of the website.

If you are looking for regular technical maintenance of your website, then we offer a technical SEO retainer. This involves a long-term technical SEO strategy for your website and monthly invoices.

Do you offer SEO consultancy?

We do offer SEO consultancy services for businesses that require technical SEO expertise from our team. We understand businesses have in-house employees to make changes to their website. That’s why we provide a consultancy service where we are able to provide a one-off or regular report on your website and what changes are required for optimal organic performance.

What do you use for technical audits?

We use various tools to audit our client websites, but we do not rely on them. Our technical SEO specialists are able to provide full analysis of a website’s technical SEO through years of experience and knowledge.

Is Technical SEO necessary for small websites?

Technical SEO is still important for smaller websites, but not vital. Websites with fewer web pages are at less risk of complications with functionality or indexing so it is not a priority for them.

We offer holistic SEO retainers where we deliver on-page, technical and outreach services for clients looking to take an all-round approach to their SEO.