How Much Does SEO Cost in 2024?

Find out the breakdown of SEO costs and how investment can see long term success.

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Costs Breakdown for SEO

In today’s digital landscape, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stands as a cornerstone for businesses striving to build their presence online. As consumers increasingly turn to search engines to discover products, services, and information, the visibility of a company’s website is vital for appearing in front of consumers and driving growth.

However, navigating the complexities of SEO can be daunting for many businesses, especially when considering the associated costs. Investing in SEO services is not only a financial consideration for businesses; it’s a strategic decision that impacts a their competitiveness, growth trajectory, and overall digital marketing strategy for their long-term success.

Understanding the reasoning and expenditure behind SEO costs is essential for businesses seeking to leverage this powerful tool to drive traffic to their website, generate leads, and ultimately, provide a sustainable, cost-effective route to market for years to come.

We break down the causes of costs for SEO services, factors that can affect the costs of SEO and how different SEO services structure their pricing models.

Factors Affecting the Costs of SEO

The costs associated with Search Engine Optimisation can vary significantly depending on various factors that should be taken into consideration.

Quality of SEO Agency

Firstly, the quality of the agency that you choose to outsource your SEO services to has an influence on how much you pay overall. The quality of the agency, just like any other product or service across different markets, is the ultimate factor that can mean you pay above or below average.

Due to the rise in popularity of SEO, many agencies now claim that they specialise in SEO services but white label their services to third party agencies to do their work for them. They may charge lower prices for them, but it’s an easy buck and you can be paying fees with minimal returns.

SEO is a specialist niche in digital marketing and it’s important that you choose a quality agency that is within your budget and can execute an effective SEO strategy for your business. We recommend that you browse the market and shop around agencies within your budget that show clear evidence of their work for clients.

Scope of Services Required

The costs of SEO can vary depending on the amount of work required for a website to improve their visibility on organic search. The amount of work required depends on a series of sub-factors, including:

  • Market locality
  • Business goals and objectives
  • Additional services required e.g. design and development
  • Current state of a website

Businesses want to achieve results within a smaller period than other businesses, which means a more intensive service package that requires more time spent and therefore ensues more costs.

If a website is relatively new with a poor domain or is old and needs new design/development updates to make it more usable on modern devices, then it is likely to cost more for SEO services to achieve expected results.

Why Are SEO Costs an Investment?

Unlike advertising marketing strategies that provide a business with a short-term financial return from associated costs, Search Engine Optimisation is seen so much more than that.

As a long-term investment for a business that provides a business with more ways than a straight transaction with customers, as it can help strengthen a brand and build a customer base online without excessive expenditure.

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Improve your online visibility

Ranking for keywords on search engines increases how many people see your website, increasing the chances of them clicking through to your website.

Improve brand awareness icon

Boost brand awareness

As your website grows and attracts more traffic to your business, more people are aware of your brand name and will visit your business through various channels.

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Reach your target audiences

Organic search not only helps you reach your audiences in your local area, but appear for a range of search terms nationally, and even globally.

Establish a brand

Establish a brand

SEO not only helps improve your brand awareness, but helps shape and establish a brand through the user experience and content.

Sustainable growth strategy

As your website grows and attracts more traffic to your business, you can capture users and convert them into customers by peaking their interest in your products or services.

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Pricing Models for SEO Costs

Different agencies can model their SEO costs in various ways that may suit their business or suit the needs of the enquiring business. It’s important to understand the different pricing models that are available for SEO and what they may mean for your business.

Monthly Retainers

Most agencies providing SEO services use monthly retainers as their primary pricing model. This consists of an allotted time budget each month that an agency spends on a client account, which rolls over each month. Obviously, the more time that the agency spends on the monthly retainer then the more it will cost for the client.

This type of pricing model is useful for businesses that want to start on a low retainer with minimal expenditure and want to trial SEO services to see if it is right for them. This retainer can be increased at any point if you choose to change your mind and increase your SEO cost budget.


Most agencies also offer tailored pricing for projects where an enquiring business may want to pay a one-off payment for their website to be optimised.

This pricing model is useful if a business has a campaign coming up that they want to push, or if they want a specific service for a period including a technical SEO audit, link building campaign etc.

Performance Based Pricing

Although this pricing model is not common amongst most agencies, performance-based pricing models are when a business pays for SEO services based on KPI’s (key performance indicators) or measurable results for SEO ie. Traffic, leads generated, rankings.

This can be attractive for a lot of businesses as it’s voids the risk of paying for SEO services without any return. The reason why this is not a popular pricing model for most agencies as it increases the risk that they do not get paid and receive any financial gain on the time spent on the account.

What Are the Average SEO Costs in the UK?

Depending on the individual factors affecting pricing, the average SEO costs in the UK can range anywhere from £300 – £5000 each month for a business.

This is a large range but SEO services are tailored to each business so it’s difficult to find an accurate quote without getting in touch with an agency that can help with your SEO strategy.

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