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With the help of our Liverpool web design team, we can make your ideas a reality.

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Premium Websites Built for All Businesses

We specialise in building premium websites that encpature your users, offering the ultimate user experience that turns them into loyal customers. With our team of in-house designers and developers, our focus it to create aesthetically pleasing websites but are built to last and easy to use.

Whether you’re looking for brand new E-commerce website to ship products to your customers, or you want to collect enquiries from customers seeking your services, we can bring your digital vision to life with our design and development services.

Skilled in creating website using a range of CMS platforms and plugins, our design and development team are able to create bespoke websites that are suited to your business. They can use a variety of platforms and E-commerce software including WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Shopify, Wix and Square Space.

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WordPress Web Design & Development

Reflect the quality of your brand with an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage WordPress website with endless design opportunities.

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Shopify Web Design & Development

Use Shopify to bring your store to your website and offer customers your latest product ranges.

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Magento Web Design & Development

Magento is often a popular choice for websites due to it's SEO-friendly features and advanced E-comm management.

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WooCommerce Web Design & Development

The most accessible, and easy-to-use E-commerce management plugin that is compatible with WordPress.

OpenCart Design & Development

Often favoured for E-commerce websites due to it's fast page load speeds and functionalities.

How Can Our Design and Dev Team Boost Your Business?

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Build Brand Image

The way your website looks reflects how consumers envision your brand. We create exciting websites that help influence your position in the market and strengthen your brand image.

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Improve User Experience

Offering your users a seamless experience can help improve sales performance and customer retention. Our designs are created with your customers in mind so that they can access content with ease.

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New Content Opportunities

With great web design comes great content. The opportunities endless with the creativity of our designers and knowledge of our dev coding-linguists.

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Appear on Search Engines

Having a cool website isn't enough. It needs to be seen by your audiences on search engines. With the input of our specialist SEO's, we help your website appear in front of the right audiences.

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Easy Functionality

No one has the time to waste on confusing Content Management Systems. That's why we leave the back-end of your website accessible and useable so you can publish content with ease.

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Speak to our team

We want to speak to you about plans for your upcoming campaign. Give us a call on 0151 652 4777 or email us at info@maxwebsolutions.com.

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Why Choose Maxweb for Your New Website?

As one of the leading web design agencies in Liverpool, our team have helped hundreds or businesses build powerful websites that offer their customers the best experience with their website.

In the current digital age, having an attractive and fully functional website is a necessity for businesses to compete in the market. Without an interactive website that brings your business to the forefront of the internet, you are at risk of falling behind competitors with modern, up-to-date websites.

Endless content opportunities

With a team fluent in a range of coding languages, the opportunities for content are endless. We can help you create engaging and interactive content that strengthens brand perception. Users don’t want boring, static content that sends them to sleep. They want short-form, exciting content that attracts them to the brand and encourages them to convert on the page.

Reach customers no matter where they are

Mobile devices and tablets are now increasingly popular for people looking to access the internet. With smaller screen sizes and different functionalities to the traditional desktop, our team stays with the times and builds responsive websites that are accessible on all major devices. Reach your audiences whether they’re on the go or in their front room.

Stay visible on search engines

Staying visible on search engines is now detrimental for businesses for surviving and thriving online, with search engines like Google now being the main hub for users accessing websites to spend money. When our in-house team build websites, they work with the SEO department to ensure that your website is optimal and aligns with search engine guidelines. Whether it’s page speed score, device usability, page structure or content, we’ve got it covered so your audiences can see you more online.

Our Approach to Web Design Projects

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If we’re building a website for your business then we need to get to know you a bit more first. You will speak to us so that we can find more about your business and what you want from your website. We like to discover more information about your brand as it’s a key element for the creation of your website.

We are experts in website design and development so during our consultation, we will be able to provide you with our knowledge and expertise to advise you on the best route for your website.

Design process for NAD on iMac

Design Process

Using a number of specialist design tools, including Adobe and Figma, our designers will begin the design process of your website by planning each of your key pages, from the home page to internal landing pages that display your products and services.

During this process, our lead designer will provide you with regular updates about the website designs and give you opportunity to provide constructive feedback. Collaboration is key during this process to make sure that all parties are happy with the final results.

Dev process and coding on iMac

Development Process

Our in-house development team work cohesively with the design team to help achieve the aesthetic of your brand. But it’s not just the way the website looks that makes our developers create great websites.

They are able to use a variety of coding languages including HTML, CSS, JS, Python and many more so that your website has powerful functionalities for a seamless user experience. Our developers build a CMS that is easily accessible and usable for website administrators.

SEO design and development on mobile

SEO Collaborations

We haven in-house team of SEO Specialists that advise and work alongside the design and development team so that your website is optimised for search engine guidelines.

Our SEO team recommend a number of factors that development should take into consideration, including page structure, content, user experience, page speed optimisation, mobile usability and many more. This is part of your design and development package but there is so much more scope to take your website bigger through Search Engine Optimisation.

Testing process before website going live

Testing & Push Website Live

Before we push the website live, we thoroughly test the website in a staging environment. This means we get picky with our own work by analysing the content for spelling and grammar errors, as well as potential issues with device functionality, links, images and code.

Once all parties are happy with the results, we will push the website live.

Transform Your Web Design with Maxweb

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Customer Reviews
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    As digital Agencies go these guys play a straight bat and don’t hype themselves up or overstate their ability to second guess Google. They are extr...

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    tracy james

    We have worked close with Maxweb for the last 7 years and have had great success. They have increased our business leads and turnover year on year...

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    They have always been professional and responsive to issues and offer excellent customer service. I highly recommend there services to anyone.

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    Steve Pritchard

    Great service used for Marketing and website and over the years, Helped the business to grow each year

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    Christian Loyal

    Great team, very knowledgeable.

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Web Design Liverpool FAQ's

See below a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from individuals enquiring about our web design Liverpool service.

Why is web design important?

Web design is an incredibly important part of any new website build as it means that all ideas can be visualised and agreed upon before any work on developing the site starts. Once the design has been agreed upon, the development stage will take place with all requirements already in place. This helps speed up the site build and ensures the client is fully satisfied when replicated.

What CMS platforms can you create websites on?

We have experience creating websites on a wide array of platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, plus much more.

Do you provide hosting?

Yes, all web design and development projects include free hosting.

Will you be able to provide content for the website?

Yes, along with our web design and development team we also have an in-house SEO team who can write up and optimise content for your new website so it can rank well on search engines. Read more about our SEO Liverpool service for more information.

How much does web design cost?

Costs are dependent on your specific requirements, get in touch for a free no-obligation quote.