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Rekindle Your Love for Fashion with Liquorice Boutique!


Liquorice Boutique is all about women’'s style and trends, this is a fast passed company who cater to your needs by ensuring you get the chance to purchase the latest fashion items without the latest fashion price tags!

They stock everything from beach clothing and accessories to that fabulous little black dress which is a must have in every girls wardrobe.

We have re-developed and designed Liquorice boutique into an e-commerce clothes shop so it can be easily managed and updated. The design connotes high trend and catwalk glamour, keeping within the fast paced fashion world. The website has eBay API integrated into the management suite to allow automated feeds to and from; resulting in a safe easy way to purchase products and keep track of stock levels.

The management system also has a built in CRM newsletter to allow constant communication with customers via email marketing; this will increase awareness and exposure of products of Liquorice Boutiques online shop.




Date posted, March 4, 2013