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Astraea Linskills

Astraea Linskills is an international law firm based in Liverpool, focusing on criminal, civil and commercial law practices.

Our experienced development team at Maxweb was excited to take on the challenge of creating a modern website for this corporation. We were determined to deliver polished results that would effectively represent their brand and provide easy navigation – all within an expedited timeline!

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Project Launch: July 2022

WordPress Website

Website Type: Bespoke Wordpress

Astraea Linskills


Astraea Linskills sought to develop and update its website to improve its online presence and its user’s ability to navigate to vital information, so they reached out to our team at Maxweb.

We understood their needs, and paired with our expert web developers and industry-leading tools, Maxweb provided a website that improved user interface, all the while allowing them to keep up with the continuously evolving digital landscape. Additionally, our team implemented single-click action operations to ensure clients could easily contact the business.

The newly developed website ensured that Astraea’s potential clients were met with an efficient and well-laid-out experience every time they found the site. Moreover, the improved site gives users seamless information about the firm’s services and guides them to their exact needs.

Astraea Linskills


Maxweb’s talented development team leveraged their expertise to provide the corporation with an up-to-date website that would not only effectively showcase its brand and make navigation easy but also deliver within the required timeframe!

Our development team diligently monitored and ensured page speed was kept quick and seamless and navigation throughout the website was easy and accessible.

The modern design and colour scheme exceeded the company’s expectations and provided them with a stylish and more engaging profile for their potential clients. Moreover, the website now perfectly captures the professionalism of the international law firm and successfully shows all the services they provide simply and elegantly.