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Shortfall is a local Wirral-based business that provides motor insurance cover to customers throughout the UK.

The company approached our team at Maxweb with the goal of creating a custom-built site that could provide automated quotations for various types of insurance, including Gap Insurance, Tyre and Alloy Insurance, and Scratch and Dent Insurance.

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Project Launch: July 2022

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In order to meet the needs of Shortfall, our team at Maxweb developed a custom CMS platform that would be able to provide accurate and reliable quotations to potential customers. We understood that in order for the platform to be successful, it needed to be user-friendly and efficient, as well as being able to handle a large volume of traffic. In order to achieve this, we put a lot of time and effort into the design and functionality of the platform.

One of the key features of the custom CMS platform is the built-in CRM system. This system allows us to keep track of new customers and their policies, as well as manage any updates or changes that need to be made. This has been a major benefit for Shortfall, as it has allowed them to streamline their customer management processes and improve the overall efficiency of their business.

Another important feature of the platform is the customer account feature. This allows customers to create an account on the platform and access their policies at any time. They can also make any necessary changes to their policies through their account, which has been a convenient and popular feature for customers



Since the launch of the custom CMS platform, Shortfall has seen a significant increase in the number of quotes generated and the overall volume of traffic to the site. The platform is user-friendly and efficient, and the built-in CRM system has helped the company effectively manage customer records and policies. The customer account feature has also been well received, as it allows customers to easily access and manage their policies.

Overall, the project has been a great success for Shortfall. The custom CMS platform has helped the company establish itself as a leading provider of motor insurance cover throughout the UK, and the platform has proven to be reliable and efficient in handling a large volume of traffic. We at Maxweb are proud to have been a part of this project and to have helped Shortfall achieve such great results.