Client Project:

The Big Door Wreath Company

The Big Door Wreath Company is a popular brand known for its handmade wreaths and home decor items. The company previously sold its products exclusively through Etsy but recently decided to branch out and create its own standalone website to improve customer service and move away from third-party sellers.



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Project Launch: April 2022

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Website Type: Shopify

The Big Door Wreath Company


To help with this transition from Etsy to a Shopify website, The Big Door Wreath Company enlisted the services of our web design and developer team at Maxweb after being recommended by another previous client who benefited from our web design services.

With a wealth of expertise in web design, our agency has successfully crafted and launched custom e-commerce sites for many clients similar to The Big Door Wreath Company. We even managed the seamless migration of all products from Etsy onto their new website.

The project began with a consultation to discuss the goals and needs of The Big Door Wreath Company. The team at Maxweb listened carefully to the brand’s vision for the website and worked to understand its target audience and the products they offer.

Using this information, our design team created a custom Shopify website that is both visually appealing and user-friendly. The site showcases The Big Door Wreath Company’s products, including high-quality images and detailed descriptions, and allows visitors to browse and purchase items online easily.

One of the key benefits of the new website is the streamlined buying and selling process. Customers can now easily browse and purchase products from The Big Door Wreath Company directly, without the need to visit Etsy or any other third-party platform. This has helped to increase the brand’s reach and make it more accessible to a wider audience.

The Big Door Wreath Company


The new Shopify website design has been a success for The Big Door Wreath Company. It has helped the brand to establish a stronger online presence and has provided a convenient way for customers to purchase its products.

The custom design and smooth buying process have proven to be particularly popular features, and have helped to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction by using the new site.

The Big Door Wreath Company is now able to sell directly to clients without the additional Etsy fees.