The Work Uniform Company

The Work Uniform Company



The Work Uniform Company are one of the leading suppliers of workwear and professional business clothing in the UK. They supply B2C customers directly from their online store and also supply B2B businesses in a wide range of sectors, such as healthcare and retail.

They also provide embroidery services to businesses so they can have their logo on all staff apparel. This professional service helps to build your brand identity, allows customers to identify staff easily, and creates a professional feel for your business.

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Project Launch: May 2023

Shopify Ecommerce Website

Platform: Shopify


Increase in Negative Keywords


Onpage Conversion


Keywords Targeted

The Work Uniform Company

The Objective

With over 100,000 individual SKUs, the work uniform company wanted to showcase its growing product range and return a profit using Google Adwords, Google Shopping, and Bing.

Having previously used another digital marketing agency, communication needed to be improved, and a closer working relationship needed to be developed.

Digital marketing agencies can not work in a vacuum. Collaboration is extremely important, and by increasing our knowledge of the products and identifying opportunities in the market, we planned to improve PPC performance and reduce the costs of existing campaigns.

Many of the shopping campaigns had feed issues and lacked optimisation within PMAX campaigns. Improving existing campaigns and creating new campaigns targeting specific markets and keywords will help us identify opportunities that have not been fully explored.

The Work Uniform Company

The Solutions

Feed Optimisation

Many products had limited visibility within Google Shopping or were disapproved due to various factors. The 1st step was to optimise the current shopping feed and remove errors from existing campaigns.

These errors were wide-ranging, and we worked methodically to reduce errors identified in Google Merchant Centre and improve product visibility.

  • Added Missing GTIN'S
  • Added Missing Values to Products
  • Organised Products into Groups
  • Product Description Updates
  • Identified 404's
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Pmax Optimisation

We focused on enhancing existing and creating new PMAX campaigns. The existing campaigns had only one asset group per campaign and did not apply appropriate signals and demographic targeting.

PMAX campaigns utilise machine learning to optimise campaigns for conversions, but they do surrender an element of control with regard to campaign management. By optimising campaign settings and adding new asset groups, we have increased conversions and segmented product offerings.

  • Created New Asset Groups
  • Enhanced Audience Signals
  • Advanced Demographic Targeting
  • Optomised Listing Groups
  • Daily Monitoring
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Google Shopping Campaigns

We also created a series of shopping campaigns to sit outside PMAX campaigns. This allows us greater precision when bidding for placement on specific products.

Although PMAX campaigns provide a degree of automation, setting up individual shopping campaigns can allow you to focus on specific products in great detail.

Finding the right mix of products to sit in PMAX campaigns and what products should be placed in individual shopping campaigns can be beneficial. Here, we set up individual campaigns to constrict the range of keywords a product will pick up by adding thousands of negative keywords and manually adjusting our bidding strategy.

  • Market Segmentation
  • Negative Keywords
  • Manual Adjustments
  • Geographical Targeting
  • Constant Monitoring
Google Shopping

The Work Uniform Company

The Results

PPC Results

Targeted over 1000 new keywords

Over 2000 PPC conversions

Reduction Adspend across multiple campaigns

Increased Onsite Conversion

Increased Bing Conversions

Identified and Resolved Barriers to Purchase


Our main objective was to optimise the PPC account and work closely with the client, agreeing on keywords and sectors to target.

We carry out a lot of testing and keep the client fully informed of everything we do, developing a working relationship.

Businesses know their market better than anybody. We needed to tap into this knowledge to develop our understanding. This works both ways; we also explain to the client different approaches we can take to digital marketing, and we both benefit from increased communication and shared learning.

We look at things from the PPC perspective and also at onsite factors, as getting visitors to the website is only half the challenge; converting them when they land is also crucial in improving your ROAS.

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The Work Uniform Company
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Adrian Thomas


As digital Agencies go, these guys play a straight bat and don’t hype themselves up or overstate their ability to second-guess Google.

They are extremely helpful, sensibly priced, and always keen to share insights and new Apps and methodologies that could and often do provide beneficial outcomes for us.

We have been working with Maxweb for nine months or so and have no intention of moving anywhere else.

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