Walk For Autism;
Our best year yet

Walk for Autism is an annual fundraising event organised by Autism Initiatives to help raise money for children and adults across the UK and Northern Ireland.

The event challenges individuals to sign up and walk all to support autistic people and their struggles.

10,000 steps every day for eight days

Digital marketing agency Maxweb Solutions increased active participant sign-ups for a local charity fundraising event by 281% by implementing a social media strategy across multiple social media platforms.

Maxweb Solutions boosted the clients’ website traffic by 241% compared to last year by carefully creating targeted ads to reach specific audiences across social media.


increase in website traffic
increase in sign ups
increase in reach
Walk For Autism




Autism Initiatives wanted to improve on the previous year’s campaign results by reaching subscribers of people signing up to the event and, in turn, raise much-needed funds to help support those with autism by using a digital marketing firm.

Maxweb were set an initial budget to manage a 10-week social media marketing campaign from start to finish, advising the team throughout on aspects of the campaign we feel would perform higher than others. By increasing the number of active subscribers, online donations should also increase.






In order to encourage sign-ups and create awareness around the 10-week event, Maxweb launched a high-quality social media strategy using individual campaigns carefully targeting different audiences to increase awareness and drive website traffic. The campaigns were set up with unique copy and imagery tailored around the audience group’s likes and interests, and location to maximise the chances of them clicking on ads.

Maxweb used a variety of objectives and eye-catching call to actions in order to encourage users to click through and visit the event sign-up page on the site.

Maxweb’s Facebook and Instagram strategy over the 10-week campaign successfully increased brand awareness for the charity, increased website traffic, and increased event sign-ups from previous years’ campaigns.

Walk For Autism


Throughout the campaign, Maxweb attained a high sign-up rate week by week resulting in the initial target being reached by week 6 of the campaign. This success meant Maxweb had new sign-up targets assigned and more budget made available each week. With careful ad tweaks and updated messaging, these new targets were attained week by week until the end of the campaign and managed a total of 4,098 sign-ups.

Overall, this year’s campaign has been the most successful by a considerable amount, currently raising a total of £609,185. Due to the success of the campaign, Maxweb is now in plans to plan out a strategy for next year’s event.