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Are you struggling to utilise the beneficial features of a WooCommerce site? Are you hoping to motivate greater organic traffic? Do your conversion rates need a boost? Through our WooCommerce SEO services here at Maxweb Solutions, we can help you harness the benefits of an online store, in collaboration with WooCommerce. Not only this, we can provide necessary steps to ensure that the quality of your SEO activity transcribes across your digital marketing efforts.

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin, built for WordPress sites. Down to its features, many online retailers are opting for a WooCommerce plugin, offering convenience and customisation. Favoured as an easy to use platform, a WooCommerce site allows for purchases and payments to be made and managed, from a click of a button.

However, by opting for a new plugin, technical SEO knowledge surrounding strategy is lacking for many companies; ultimately devaluing WooCommerce stores.


What is WooCommerce SEO?

WooCommerce SEO is the process of optimising a WooCommerce site, for search engine ranking. WooCommerce websites are built for eCommerce activity. With this in mind, it is imperative that the embedded SEO activity meets the requirements of a WooCommerce site, helping to increase its value to the likes of Google. Likewise, it is important that the SEO activity of a WooCommerce site meets the ranking criteria of populated search engines, helping to increase acceptance and circulation.

As SEO is a complex area to consider, especially if it isn’t your speciality, niche areas, including WooCommerce SEO can be perceived as overwhelming. However, through our WooCommerce SEO services here at Maxweb Solutions, we can ensure that all technical SEO processes are in place to increase the value of your online store.

From the user experience of your site, with a focus on navigation, to high-quality, consistently optimised content, our services can cover the SEO spectrum, while working to the latest algorithms.

Through our WooCommerce SEO services, we can increase your businesses visibility, in either niche or saturated industries, while embracing the most effective plugins for usability purposes. Get in touch today to discuss your SEO needs.


Our WooCommerce SEO services

Here at Maxweb Solutions, we offer a wide range of SEO services, supporting WooCommerce sites.

Initial analysis

Before commencing our WooCommerce SEO services, we will firstly complete an initial analysis or your site. This is imperative to identify any weaknesses in its initial build, along with your most populated pages, products and consumer behaviours. From here, data will be in place to make SEO recommendations. It is important to remember that WooCommerce allows for flexibility and customisation. We can utilise its features by completing this first step.

Competitor analysis

Once we understand where you are in the online market, a competitor analysis will be recommended. This will evaluate the SEO activity your competitors are completing, helping to set a benchmark. To reach high ranking positions across search engines, your WooCommerce SEO strategy must exceed your competitors.

Site optimisation

Once we’ve gauged a benchmark and the most appropriate SEO services to implement, we will begin to optimise your site. Technical processes including your websites load speed, high ranking keywords and the back-end usability and build of your website will be worked through.

Page title optimisation

Alongside the foundation of your WooCommerce site, page titles must be optimised. Through a WooCommerce site, both category pages and page titles will be used to help consumers search through your site. Along with keyword heavy titles, it is imperative that a mix of short and long-tail keywords are used for Google acceptance. It’s also important that page titles are optimised clearly, especially if your product is niche.

SEO friendly content

Once the structures have been optimised, SEO friendly content will be created and circulated across your site. However, here at Maxweb Solutions, we understand the importance between engagement and optimisation. Through our WooCommerce SEO services, you’ll receive digital marketing content that engages, while also performs well online. This is vital to ensure quality site traffic.

Site navigation

Site navigation is just as important as the embedded content. Without an easy to navigate eCommerce site, potential customers will go elsewhere. Our site navigation service will ensure that your WooCommerce website is functional and offers quality product pages.

SEO tracking

The aim of SEO is to ensure that conversions and visibility can be improved over a long-term period. It isn’t a quick fix marketing strategy. With this in mind, we will complete SEO tracking across your campaigns to ensure that progression is made, while achieving your initial aims.

As the needs and budgets of all clients differ, we will run through our entire range of WooCommerce SEO services with you. This will ensure that the right level of suitable services can be employed, helping to compliment your overall SEO marketing aims.


Why is SEO important?

SEO is very important. If you have a WooCommerce site, with the aim to sell and attract new consumers, yet lack technical SEO input, you’ll unfortunately experience little traction. When considering the broad online market, technical strategies must be in place to help your site break through the noise.

With this in mind, working with WooCommerce SEO experts will be highly beneficial, ensuring that your site can be found through search engines, while maintaining its ranking.

Please be aware that SEO is a long-term worthwhile strategy. Consistent adaptations will be required to ensure that your WooCommerce site is performing and returning the results you’re aiming for. Through our WooCommerce SEO services, we can make this possible, by offering continuous specialist SEO guidance. We additionally keep ahead of the curve, ensuring that our team is up to date on the latest WooCommerce SEO requirements and policies.

If you’re keen to increase your organic reach or traffic, boost your customer conversions, increase awareness of your high-quality content or products, and have a WooCommerce site, we can implement a well-rounded strategy. Not only this, your SEO activity to contribute to your overarching digital marketing strategy, helping to increase your visibility on a larger scale.

Contact our team today for further information on our WooCommerce SEO services.

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