4 Reasons To Set Up A Shopify Store Today

Mar 26, 2021

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In today’s substantial internet landscape it can be quite overwhelming when you are trying to decide how to best create your online presence.

Setting up an online store can be a very daunting prospect as you want to make sure that you choose the right avenue in your store’s creation; but, setting up your long-awaited store should also be exciting as well, and so it is our strong recommendation that you choose to set up a Shopify store today.

You will doubtless have heard of countless ways to set up a webpage or an online store, whether it be through Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Big Cartel, or any of the other similar systems that are out there.

However, whenever we are asked what we believe is the best way for most people to start selling online, Shopify can be hard to beat, and this is due to the many positive of Shopify over its competitors.

Shopify’s security and reliability, point of sale options, payment gateway, and so much more are what place it above the competition in our estimations — and so, we are going to be going through the positives in detail, as well as go through some of the basics regarding Shopify apps and, simply, what is Shopify.


What Is Shopify

At its core, Shopify is an e-commerce business platform that will allow you to be able to create and build your dream store both offline as well as online. Shopify mean you can start to sell whatever your product is both online, with your own website, and/or in-person — the latter being possible through Shopify’s POS features (Point Of Sale).

Shopify’s web building interface is structured so that anyone, from complete beginners to those with a lot of e-commerce experience, can build the best possible website for the store.

As mentioned previously, however, you can also sell things face-to-face with the assistance of a Shopify store thanks to the Shopify POS application.

Using an iOS or Android device you will be able to accept payment for products in person, thus meaning that you will be free to sell your product at a physical store as well as on your online store, or at the likes of trade shows or pop-up sale events.

Now, let’s look at some other specific benefits of Shopify.


1) Shopify’s Slick Design And Easy-To-Use Interface

There are many business strategists who still naively believe that simply possessing a good product/service will lead to consistent sales. However, in the same way, that a physical store’s presentation can convince you to enter or keep on walking, it is crucial that you have an online store that runs smoothly, looks professional, and isn’t cluttered while also offering the right level of information for purchasing.

Fortunately, Shopify’s web building tools will allow you to create the perfect effective online storefront in order for your customers.

When it comes to your time to be searching through Shopify’s presets and various design assistant tools, we recommend checking out this recent blog post on our website about knowing where the happy medium is with web design.

Furthermore, if you ever feel like you are overwhelmed by the design stage, then there is plenty of Shopify support from Shopify developers across the internet. Also, it can be good practice to have a look at other effective Shopify stores in order to see what is working for other sellers in similar markets.


2) Inbuilt Shopify Admin Assistance

As a part of your online store that you have built through Shopify, you will also be provided with easy-to-read and access certain analytics about the performance of your Shopify store. This is integral information to have at your fingertips when it comes to ensuring that an online business can thrive.

With the help of his information, you will be able to conveniently and easily get overviews of order numbers, get detailed statistics about the top-performing products on your webpage, as well as have access to real-time overviews of people who are currently on your online store and see what stage of their purchase they are at.

Taking advantage of and paying heed to in-depth analytics relating to your online business is what can make or break an online store. In the modern landscape of business, this information is key — and, thankfully, it is easy to access with a Shopify store.


3) Big Discounts On Annual Plans

There are a lot of people who dislike month-to-month payment plans for hosting their online store, and that can be very understandable. However, thanks to Shopify offering helpful discounts on both annual and biennial memberships, the stress of this is removed. Additionally, it is also worth mentioning that Shopify is also free for the first 14 days, which means that you can set top your online store before deciding on your payment plan.


4) Shopify’s Various Applications

The Shopify App Store boasts a whole host of incredible apps, both paid and free, which you can download and use to continuously grow your business and webpage. While there are some that you need to pay for, the apps are not necessary to get the most out of your Shopify store whatsoever.

Also, there are an incredible amount of free Shopify apps that may prove invaluable in growing your business over time — such as free apps that allow you to add countdown timers to sales, apps that help you to source new products to sell on your store, apps that will send out thank you emails to people who have purchased from your store, apps that can help you with SEO advice, and the list goes on.

In conclusion, if you are looking to set up an online store then you should look no further than Shopify. Thanks to Shopify’s amazing support network, especially considering their Shopify Academy which provides courses on e-commerce, you will be able to master the platform before you know it.

However, if you are still looking for help with wide areas of business such as Marketing, SEO, or expert web design then you can always reach out to us here at Maxweb Solutions for any assistance.




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