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Accept card payments online

Aug 30, 2018

Many businesses don’t accept card payments online even though it opens up the world as a brand new potential marketplace. Businesses able to accept card payments online (and offline) grow faster, benefit from increased customer loyalty, and suffer fewer problems getting paid on time. What’s more, customers are starting to expect it.

So what do you need to do to be able to accept card payments online?

Why you should accept card payments online

Accepting credit and debit cards on your website opens the door for a new way to receive payment from your customers. Instead of having your website as an advertisement, it can be used as a marketplace of its own.

Accepting debit and credit cards builds trust with your new customers

By accepting credit and debit cards, you are able to display the logos of the card providers. This lets your customers know that these international providers are happy to work with you and this raises the credibility of your business overall.

Widens your target market

Accepting credit and debit cards online means that anyone can make their small, local business a nationwide retailer. In fact, it even opens up the door for foreign buyers to interact with your company. You’re bound to reach more people if you offer your services to anybody with access to the internet.

Choose the method that suits you best

There are two ways that you can accept credit and debit card services on your website. They are:

Third-party providers

These are companies such as PayPal, MyCommerce, and Kagi and they deal with technical aspects of taking credit and debit card payments of the process. Once you’ve joined, you can then start accepting payments quickly and easily. All of this is done for a fee and this fee pays for the convenience of using their service more than anything else.

It is also worth mentioning that you have a lower chance of being the victim of fraud when you choose a third-party service. If you are, these providers will have support lines that you can call for assistance and guidance in case a customer tries to charge back their payment.

Using a merchant account

The second option is to set up a merchant account. This can be done through your bank and it usually requires a little bit more paperwork and legwork than choosing a third party. In return, the fees you pay will be a bit lower. This is the less convenient, but most profitable option of the two.

Connect your credit card payments to your website plugins

Most of the third-party providers will give you a small piece of code to drop into your website. This is a quick and easy way to start accepting transactions online and it’s in the provider’s best interest to make this service as user friendly as possible.

Additionally, if you use a WordPress website, there are a variety of different plugins that are available for you to choose from. These can be as simple as dragging and dropping them into your website.

We can help

If you’re looking to sell online, get in touch with our team. We are more than happy to discuss the different options that you have and find out which suits you best. We can build any card payment solution with our Wirral Web Design. Also, we can help you put together a website and marketing campaign that will drive more traffic to your business and increase your sales. For more information, call Maxweb Solutions on 0151 652 4777

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