Client Stories

Cersei Clothing Boutique

Oct 23, 2015

Cersei Clothing Boutique

Cersei are an independent fashion boutique who combines the latest catwalk trend with celebrity inspired fashion and all with affordable price tags. They are a start up company looking to get their brand out there. We were asked by Cersei to design and develop an eye catching, easy to use and easy to manage e-commerce website. The website had to allow customers to easily view and purchase items. Stock levels had to be easily manageable.

What We Did

It was important that we created an approachable image for the company due to it being a start up. Therefore, we developed a website that uses friendly visuals to advertise their products. We have made the website easy to navigate by creating different pages for different brands and categories. To improve user navigation further, we have implemented a tool that allows the user to filter through products by changing parameters such as price range, colour and brand. The website allows clients to

create an account, so that when they next visit the website they can check out faster. A blog was also created so that Cersei can post about their latest products, news and the industry.


Cersei Clothing now has a beautiful eye catching website that is attracting lots of attention from consumers! The company has seen orders increase, now that it has an online presence. The client is able to easily manage the website and stock levels using the content management system.

If you are looking to buy yourself some new items for your wardrobe you should check them out at