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Content Marketing For Start-Ups – Tips To Succeed

Jul 23, 2021

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In the United Kingdom, approximately 672,890 start-ups launch each year.

While each of the start-ups that launch span a wealth of industries, it is impossible to ignore that an increase in start-ups also equates to an increase in competition.

With an increase in competition comes a demand for successful content marketing. After all, content marketing is key if a start-up is to acquire and retain new customers.

However, content marketing is much more than simply publishing blogs, promoting social media content and offering email marketing. Content marketing requires a sturdy content marketing strategy that achieves and exceeds expectations.

As a start-up, you may appreciate that you need to implement a sturdy content marketing strategy to succeed. Yet, like 21% of other start-ups, you may not have devised your strategy.

Should this resonate with you, at MaxWeb Solutions, we explore content marketing for start-ups and share our tips to succeed here.


Our Top Content Marketing Tips For Beginners and Start-Ups


1. Set Clear Content Marketing Goals

Many start-ups dive into content marketing head first without any clear goals or aspirations. They believe that publishing content as soon as possible and as frequently as possible will help them acquire new customers.

However, this is not true. Sadly, start-ups without clear content marketing goals fail to succeed as they do not understand the content they should be publishing or the platforms they should be using to reach their target audience.

By setting clear content marketing goals, you can consider how to plan your content and marketing campaigns. You will also understand what your target audience is looking for and the platforms they are most likely to use.


2. Ensure That Your Content Is Optimised For Search

If your content marketing includes publishing blogs and written content on your website, you must ensure that your content is optimised for search.

As search engine optimised content accounts for at least 53% of website traffic, taking advantage of both short and long-tail keywords will help your start-up appear on the first page of search engine results. In turn, you will find it easier to reach your audience as and when they are searching for your product or services.

Incorporating blogs and written content into your content marketing? It is paramount that you identify the keywords that your target audience will use to conduct searches.

Doing so will ensure that you can incorporate specific keywords into your content marketing strategy that will increase website conversions as your target audience comes across your site in their time of need.


3. Focus On A Select Few Channels To Promote Your Content Marketing

As a start-up, it is entirely understandable that you will want to incorporate various platforms and channels into your content marketing strategy. You may think this will boost your chance of acquiring new customers, and you may also think that your sales will soar by doing so.

However, this is where many start-ups go wrong.

When developing a content marketing strategy, we highly recommend only focusing on a select few channels. These channels should be the channels that your target audience are more likely to employ.

For example, if your target audience is between the age of 18 and 30, taking advantage of social media channels such as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok will benefit you, as will publishing blogs.

If your target audience is a working professional over the age of 40, focusing your attention on email marketing, LinkedIn and blogs will help you reach your goals.


4. Ensure That Your Content Marketing Is Consistent

As you begin to implement your content marketing strategy, it is easy to get carried away within the first few weeks and months.

However, as content drives traffic to your website and you begin to achieve sales, you may find that your focus shifts from publishing content to customer relationships and sales.

Although understandable, you must ensure your content marketing is consistent. This is because consistent content marketing builds credibility, trust and ensures that your start-up remains at the forefront of your target audiences’ minds.


5. Review Your Content Marketing Performance

Last but certainly not least in our content marketing for start-ups and tips to succeed is reviewing your content marketing performance.

By reviewing metrics such as website traffic, impressions, click-through rate, shares, backlinks and keyword rankings, you will be able to determine what is going well and where there is room for improvement in your content marketing.


We Can Help You Succeed In Content Marketing

Content marketing can be somewhat time-consuming and complicated, especially for a start-up. However, it does not have to be.

Although we hope that our content marketing for start-ups and tips to succeed will help you, here at MaxWeb Solutions, our SEO team is on hand to support you. Whether you are looking for SEO in Wirral, SEO in Chester or SEO further afield, we can cater to your content marketing needs.

To find out how we can assist, contact us today.

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