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How are marketers improving remote team communication?

Aug 28, 2020

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Teams have turned to remote working, workplace schedules have adapted, morale and groupwork have transitioned to virtual platforms. Are you benefiting from this new yet effective way of communicating? Here’s a breakdown on the ever so pinnacle topic of ‘how are marketers improving remote team communication?’, the importance of remote communication and how we can help your communication strategy here at Maxweb Solutions.

Communication is one of the most important skills and processes in business, in marketing, in general life. Understandably, over the last few months, communication has shifted, involuntary for most.

For marketers, this shift initially caused greater stress, it showcased gaps in the communication funnel. All in all, the pandemic lifted the covers on many vulnerabilities, including remote communication capabilities. Yet, through the power of the internet, through the ability to virtually collaborate, communicate and continue, strategies across marketing, and business as a whole have changed.

Understandably, it is an unfamiliar time. Yet, remote communication can become familiar by utilising these tips.


The importance of remote team communication strategies

Remote working, over the years has had a lot of stick. Difficulties in communicating and collaborating are two of the main reasons why companies stay clear from remote working opportunities. Yet, through the recent pandemic, this view has flipped, where remote working is sought-after, where the ability to continue trading is necessary.

Here is where remote team communication strategies come into play, helping to promote company-wide updates, helping client collaborations, helpings services continue. Understandably, mass adaptations have been made when considering communication. A simple email will no longer cut it when managing and motivating a remote team. With this in mind, there are challenges for any company, transitioning from in-house to remote teams.

However, through harnessing the value of viral platforms, of internet-based resources, of communication tools, a united team can continue; improved by marketers and their adaptability.

By utilising remote team communication strategies, companies are able to continue. They can keep the doors open, they can serve their customers and clients, and they can strengthen as a remote team, again showcasing their ability to change with demands and trends.

Whether you’re struggling with remote working as a company, or hope to instil greater flexibility post-pandemic, here’s the best communication tools for remote teams.


How are marketers improving remote team communication? Here’s exactly how you can too

The burning question is, ‘how are marketers improving remote team communication?’. You may believe that this isn’t doable. You may prefer traditional communications, especially in business. Yet, unfortunately, through the adoption of digital, and the long-term effects of the pandemic, a non-traditional form of communication is the only way to keep afloat in marketing and business. Here’s some remote team communication tools and software, highly praised by marketers, by those who specialise in communication on the daily.

Video calls

Before the pandemic, have you ever video called your boss, your team, your colleagues? In most cases, your answer will be no. Yet, through remote settings, video has become a best friend for many workplaces. Video communication provides greater clarity, it boosts morale, it encourages involvement, and it strengthens the transmission of information. With this in mind, a simple Zoom app or Facetime can benefit your remote team, helping to improve regular communication.

Yet, it is important that video calls aren’t abused, that they only serve the purpose of team meetings. In some cases, a simple telephone call can do the trick to share information, to keep communication going without the hassle of technology.

Status updates

Through remote communication tools, such as Slack and Teams, team members can update their status, showcasing their availability. This is one of the biggest challenges linked to remote team communication, as accessibility and availability is much easier in-house.

Imagine you’re in the office. You can visually tell whether someone is available for a catch-up. Yet, this is very different when managing a remote team. Through utilising the status update feature, you can see whether a team member is available, whether they are on their break, or whether they are on holiday.

This is exactly how marketers are improving remote team communications, by utilising every app, every platform to communicate, even by a click of a status button.

Weekly check-ins

Most companies will have a weekly meeting, in-house. Down to the current conditions, those weekly check-ins will not have to come to a halt. A simple 15-minute, scheduled meetings, across remote teams can do the world of good.

To overcome any communication obstacles, it is wise to however have a leader for each meeting, ensuring that important messages can be communicated. Sending communication invites and reminders will also strengthen your united front as a remote team.

Virtual meetings

As outlined above, meetings can still go ahead. Although they may be a little different, share points, iCloud, Google Drive accounts can support your remote communication strategies by holding and sharing documents and materials.

Here, your entire team can continue to do their jobs, they can access important company information by setting up a mutual drive, for business purposes only.

Alongside keeping the cogs going, it is vital that team morale continues through this challenging time. All of the above communication tools can help you keep your remote team together, can keep the energy alive, and can uphold their passion as an employee.

If you’re still looking for guidance on ‘how are marketers improving remote team communication?’, there are a wealth of resources out there, along with support from specialist agencies, such as ours.


Maintain communication with Maxweb Solutions

Your communication, whether its internal or external is very important. Understandably, you may have your internal communications under control, through the above tools for remote teams. Yet, if you’re struggling to maintain your voice when considering your audience, customers, stakeholders or investors, it is imperative that you have a strong communication strategy in place.

Reach out today for more information on our specialisms here at Maxweb Solutions, helping you maintain clarity and your brand voice through remote communications.

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