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How Is ChatGPT Being Utilised for Digital Marketing and SEO?

Feb 20, 2023

If there’s been one hot topic over the past few months, it’s ChatGPT – and for good reason. It’s a new natural language model chatbot developed by OpenAI and, in the first five days, it was reportedly used by over 1 million people. Many are even predicting that it will shake up several industries including the digital marketing sphere.

Here, we look into ChatGPT in more detail and highlight some of the ways it’s being used in online marketing and SEO.


What is ChatGPT and How Does it Work?

Launched in 2022, and developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a specialist language model that uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to create human-like text and responses. It works using a large dataset of text and can be fine-tuned to answer questions, translate copy, and summarise pieces of content. Put simply, ChatGPT can generate text that looks like it’s written by a human.

With this in mind, lots of businesses have begun to tap into the world of ChatGPT – using it to power their online chat functions and even create blogs and social media marketing content. It’s quick too – and users are given answers at the click of a button.


How ChatGPT is Used for Content Creation

In its most basic form, ChatGPT is designed to generate text and answers that mimic that of a human. For this reason, it’s increasingly being used for content creation. This includes coming up with titles, writing blog posts and newsletters, generating scripts and even subtitles. The tool can also be used for various research purposes too.

ChatGPT can scour existing content or even competitor websites to find top keywords and phrases. As well as this, it can come up with new and different keywords and phrases for a similar product – which solves the issue of writer’s block!

Another way that ChatGPT can be useful in terms of content creation is by providing descriptive content. For example, say your business sells footwear. After hours of uploading new products, you might find yourself using the same words. ChatGPT can provide insightful and engaging headlines and descriptions. This is also beneficial for paid ad campaigns and digital marketing campaigns.

Despite the many ways that ChatGPT can be used for content creation, it’s important to consider whether the quality of this content will be of the same quality that a human copywriter could create. Not to mention, that human copywriters can factor in personal touches as well as specific knowledge of the brand’s tone of voice, target audience and the brand’s USPs.


Using ChatGPT for SEO

Another area ChatGPT can be useful for is in Search Engine Optimisation strategies and the optimisation of websites, which is essential if you want your business to stand out from the competition. We’ve mentioned how ChatGPT can be used to create content and, during this process, it can generate content specific to a target audience, topic or keyword. This is one way that ChatGPT could be used to get a website higher up in Google’s SEO rankings.

Meta descriptions and title tags are other important components of SEO but knowing what keywords to use is easier said than done. This is where ChatGPT comes in. The tool can also create an E-E-A-T report of existing website pages for improvement. For example, using advanced machine learning, ChatGPT knows exactly what website visitors would expect from your website, it’s content and navigation, and can suggest recommendations to enhance the overall user experience.

This doesn’t mean that ChatGPT should take over your SEO efforts. The recommendations should be manually reviewed to ensure they’re appropriate. If not, it could do irreparable damage to your website and ranking. There’s also the issue that AI-generated content could actually go against Google’s guidelines of preferring authentic and unique content.

Currently, we’re too early on in the discovery of ChatGPT to say whether AI-generated content could penalise your rankings. What’s more, ChatGPT could also present other users with the same content and answers, which could lead to issues regarding duplicated content. Again, this isn’t SEO best practice.


Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Digital Marketing

As mentioned above, ChatGPT can be used for digital marketing and SEO in a variety of ways. When implemented correctly, it has a number of benefits too. This includes:

  • Stronger SEO – While it shouldn’t be relied on, ChatGPT can create content based on specific phrases and keywords, which can be utilised for local SEO. As we know, this is crucial for improving a website’s search engine ranking.
  • Improved efficiency – ChatGPT can deal with multiple customer interactions and provide answers quicker than a human team typically can. That’s not to say that your team should be replaced but, using ChatGPT – and other marketing automation tools – can free up their time and allow them to focus on more business-critical tasks.
  • Creativity – Struggling with creativity? ChatGPT can come up with inventive and engaging headlines, adverts and social media posts. It can even create a full content strategy and carry out keyword research. What’s more, it can use language that your target audience would use to help boost the click-through rate.
  • Unrestricted marketing – ChatGPT can translate text easily which means you can transform your marketing materials so that they resonate with a new target audience. This not only helps you to tap into a new market but will give you a stronger market position too.
  • Increased website traffic – One of the best ways to increase your organic traffic is through the creation of high-quality content, which ChatGPT can take care of. What’s more, it can also be used to generate engaging meta descriptions and page titles – which not only boost your website’s Google search engine rankings but also boost user engagement.

So, there you have it. While ChatGPT certainly shouldn’t be the only type of marketing tactic your business uses, it can assist with your efforts. If you want to discuss ChatGPT in more detail, get in touch with us. We provide many other services besides marketing including web design, and SEO services to help grow your business. Call us for more information today on 0151 652 4777.


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