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How to Create Expanded Text Ads in AdWords Editor

Dec 22, 2016

Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) are an important addition to the AdWords practitioner’s arsenal. If you practice the art and science of Google AdWords, you absolutely must get a handle on Expanded Text Ads. And once you understand Expanded Text Ads, you need to know how to create them in Google AdWords Editor. In this tutorial, we aim to show you how to do this in 7 easy steps.

What are Expanded Text Ads?

Essentially, Google now allows advertisers to include two 30-maximum character headlines in Expanded Text Ads. The old twin description lines have now been amalgamated into a single 80-maximum character description line.

The changes kill off Google’s classic 25-35-35 format of ad writing. This refers to the fact that standard text ads allowed you to write a 25 character headline, with two 35 character description lines.

Do we welcome these changes? Absolutely. Why? Well, mostly because we feel the new Expanded Text Ad format looks a lot better than the old text ad format. We also feel this allows us to write better ads. And these ads invariably look better than the old style ads.

What are the benefits of expandable text ads to your overall return on investment?

This is a good question, and we’re glad you asked it. Expanded Text Ads definitely increase click-through-rate (CTR) of text ads. Since 75% of Quality Score is said to be influenced by CTR, Expandable Text Ads undoubtedly improve Quality Scores for keywords you bid on. Quite simply, the higher your CTRs for keywords you bid on, the better the Quality Scores will be. Google rewards your higher Quality Scores with better keyword ‘ad rankings’. Essentially, Google reduces your Cost Per Click (CPC) whilst increasing your ad position relative to your competitors. This will improve your overall return on investment.

And let’s not forget the asthertic improvements created by Expanded Text Ads.  Expanded Text Ads simply look better than the old standard text ads. Don’t believe us? Then take a look for yourself…

Here’s a screen shot of an old text ad that’s not been updated to the new Expanded Text Ad format:

Now take a look at an Expanded Text Ad to compare the two:

I hope you agree the Expanded Text Ad looks better than the old style text ad. Expanded Text Ads allow you to write more ad copy. This usually equates to better ad copy. Expanded Text Ad’s ad copy will pay off in the form of better click-through-rates and better Quality Scores.

Google will officially phase out standard text ads in January 2016.

Now Let’s create an Expanded Text Ad in AdWords Editor

If you are a PPC pro, it’s likely you are using AdWords Editor. If this is the case, you may wonder how you can create Expanded Text Ads in Google AdWords Editor. Let us you how to do this in 7 easy steps.

Here’s the deal:

Step #1: Download and then open Google AdWords Editor.

Step #2: Ensuring you follow character limits for Expendable Text Ads:

Step #3: Write your ads in Excel following the below format:

You can download a preformatted table in Excel format here. We’ve included a column titled “Length”. If you go over the character limit, the length formula will turn the adjacent cell a pink colour. This let’s you know you’ve gone over the character limit.

Pro Tip 1: You are no longer required to insert a ‘display URL’. This is because the display URL will automatically be extracted from the ‘Final URL’ you insert.

Pro Tip 2: You can also add two 15 character ‘Path Files’. These will form part of the display URL e.g.

Once all your ads are written without going over the character limits, delete all of the ‘Length’ columns above.

Step #4: Ensure you spell check your ads using Excel!

Step #5: Copy your ads to the clipboard. Don’t copy the column headings.

Step #6: In AdWords Editor, click Ads >> Expanded Text Ads, and then select “Make Multiple Changes”:

Some of the above screenshot has been erased to protect client information.

Step #7: Then paste in your data and set the column headlines as stated below:

To save time, click “Remember the order of my column headings for future imports”.

Then click “Process”.

Then voila! Your Expanded Text Ads are ready for uploading into your AdWords Account.

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