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New domain extensions available

May 02, 2014

Are you considered to be a guru in your industry? Or do you want a website what represents what your business does? Now you have the opportunity to own a domain extension that will change the way that you do business online. There are over 700 new domain extensions that can be reserved that can represent your company better. These include .guru, .plumbing and .clothing.

How this can help your business

When planning a website for your business, it is important that you utilise your brand and also make it clear what you do. This can be difficult to do in the short space that a website domain offers. When running a fashion ecommerce site, the brand name needs to be short, snappy and distinctive. Owning a website called “” looks lazy and lacks individuality. However, is uses the brand name very well and represents the style of clothing that is sold. The only problem is that someone looking at the domain name will not recognise it as a fashion website.

Having a domain extension that represents the industry that your company works in can set you apart from the competition when it is done well. Be quick though, the best domain extensions are being bought up fast!

If you would like a new and distinctive domain for your website, call Maxweb on 0151 652 4777 now.

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New domain extensions available