Organic SEO – Why is it Important?

Aug 14, 2018

Over 3.5 billion (with a “b”) searches are performed on Google each and every day according to Because of this, more and more businesses are becoming aware of the importance of how high up their website appears on Google’s results pages. But how exactly do you increase your search ranking and what is organic SEO?

Much like many problems running a business presents you with, simply throwing money at the issue won’t always resolve it. Yet this doesn’t stop many businesses from paying thousands for pay-per-click advertising when they could be getting the same result through organic SEO.

What is organic SEO?

Whenever you enter a search term into Google, you’re met with a page of results which can link you to almost every corner of the internet. These results pages are always populated with the websites which offer the greatest relevance to the keywords that you entered into the search bar.

People are more likely to click the links that are higher up on the list. So how do you raise your Google rankings? This is where organic SEO comes in.

Organic SEO is the term used to describe the methods that you can use to climb the Google rankings without using paid advertising. There are many ways that you can achieve this. Strategic keyword placement, linking to other high-quality sites, and growing your audience all fall under the umbrella term of organic SEO.

The benefits of organic SEO

No matter how you choose to incorporate organic SEO into your website, each of the different methods all share the same benefits, which include:

Increasing your search rankings

This might sound obvious but increasing your search rankings will mean that more people will click on the link to your site. If you are on Page 4 of Google, you will receive far less traffic than if you were on the front page. The more eyes on your site, the better.

Increasing brand visibility

Speaking of having more eyes on your site, organic SEO can have the same effect as paid advertising when executed correctly. The traffic that you receive from paid advertising is only as consistent as you are at paying into Google AdWords. You will see your traffic decrease the instant you stop purchasing ad space.

Increasing your brand visibility is important because it increases the chances of people visiting your site. If they see Google link to your online store each time they search for a particular term, product, or service, they will start to subconsciously build a level of trust in your brand.

Increasing your enquiries

Because organic SEO raises the amount of traffic coming to your site, you can expect to see an increase in enquiries. Of course, this only works if your website has a good user interface and it’s easy to navigate, otherwise people will almost immediately leave your site – making all of the SEO work pointless.

Once you have all of these factors working together, you can generate additional profitable traffic which can be into sales.

Organic SEO attracts the customers you want

With paid advertising, you are spending your money to put your business in front of somebody who might be interested in what you’re selling. The pivotal word here is might – you can’t be sure that they are in the market for your products or services right now. Organic SEO doesn’t have this problem. Instead, you are presenting your business as the best possible answer to their search query.

People are actively searching for what you are selling and when you appear at the top of the list, you can expect a much better conversion rate. This is based entirely on the fact that organic SEO focuses on what potential customers are interested in, rather than making assumptions about what they might want to buy.

Organic SEO with Maxweb Solutions

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