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Six Quick Wins for Increasing The Effectiveness Of Your Online Marketing

Nov 22, 2019

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It is universally understood in the business world that online content marketing is becoming essential for your company to succeed.

There is almost no better way to reach your target audience, hook them in and then tailor specific marketing messages to them than through the internet. However, being as this concept is so well known, this means that your online marketing strategy has to be right because your potential audience are also being flooded with advertising messages from your competitors.

Whilst it is very important to create valuable, useful content that will intrigue and excite your audience, there are also some non-content marketing tricks you might want to think about taking on to make your output more effective.

For your information, we have pleasure in presenting some of the best.


Boost your content distribution

For most companies, the main aim with their online content is for it to go viral. However, going viral isn’t easy to do and it’s also not easy to predict. Even scientists and researchers don’t yet have a formula for how to create viral content, it mainly comes down to luck and timing.

What you can do, though, is put together a strong distribution strategy to make sure as many people as possible see your content.

  • Build a marketing list
  • Gathering email addresses in order to send out an email marketing campaign is as good a place to start as any. You should have a form set up and prominently displayed on your site that encourages people to leave their email addresses.
  • Set up push notifications
  • This is a popular and effective strategy that any business with a website should be taking advantage of. Enable it on your site and set it up to automatically contact subscribers with new content.
  • Distribute content across all channels
  • Make sure that you are sharing any new content on your site across all of your social media platforms and so on. The more it is shared, even by you, the more engagement you are likely to see.


Create Your Own Clear Voice

Many of the messages that internet users receive every day are so similar in content and tone that they blur into one. In order to have your content stand out from the crowd, it needs to have personality and a consistent voice across all of your output.

In order to do this, you need to create a set of marketing standards which all of your advertising conforms with. Everything from development to wrapping up your campaign should be covered so that there is strict consistency across all channels and content.

These campaign guidelines can then be used, not only to ensure uniformity in every blog post, social media update and video you create, but also to train new team members and help you to create future content with ease.


Use trust to drive conversions

There are a number of things that internet users look out for when viewing a website which tell them whether or not the site can be trusted. These trust factors are the key to you making a first sale, or getting a conversion, from a potential customer who isn’t sure.

  • Trust seals
  • A trust seal is a badge or stamp given by an official body that lets a user know that the site is safe. Third party verification from trusted organisations help people to feel more comfortable that the site they are on is secure.
  • SSL
  • Enabling SSL on your site creates a secure channel between your site and the user’s device so that information passed between you is not vulnerable to attacks. People trust sites with SSL and search engines tend to favour them in results pages as well.
  • Social proof
  • Nothing makes people more inclined to trust a brand than seeing testimonials and reviews from other people. Have reviews and testimonials clearly posted across all of your internet channels.


Use the bandwagon effect

The Bandwagon Effect refers to the phenomenon wherein people tend to become involved in an action if they believe that lots of other people are doing so as well. Taking advantage of this element of human nature can be incredibly useful to marketers. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Employing influencers to advertise your brand
  • Influencers and celebrities have a lot of power on social media. People will buy things simply because their favourite influencer says that they are using and enjoying it. You may have to pay for higher-level influencers to become a brand ambassador but the payoff is likely to be huge.
  • Displaying key metrics that are favourable to your business
  • If you have heavy site traffic or lots of new subscribers, for example, displaying this prominently on your page will let people know that your page is one to watch.
  • Have a real-time notification bar
  • This shows what is happening on the site as it is happening. This shows users that your site is thriving and it can make people feel more comfortable trusting you.


Create an ‘ultimate buying journey’

This is easier to do successfully when you have been working with your customers for a while but you can begin doing this from the start and updating as you understand your clients better.

The ‘Ultimate Buying Journey’ refers to a system of processes that you create to make buying your products or services actively enjoyable for your customers.

This journey would begin with a fun, interesting and valuable piece of marketing that encourages the user to get involved. When they get to your website or social media channel, everything should load up quickly and the site should be easy to navigate and use.

Your site must also be optimised for whatever device the user is on, and your branding should be consistent across all channels.

Creating your ultimate buying journey doesn’t happen overnight and there will still be flaws that need to be ironed out. This is why your marketing team should always be watching for complaints and comments which can help you to refine your processes and improve the user experience.


Focus on conversions

Whilst it is important to get hold of contact details and have people to market to, it can be argued that it is actually far more important for your site to have lots of conversions than leads.

Conversions mean that people have actually connected with your brand enough to take the next step in your relationship rather than simply leaving an email address in order to get something for free (for example).

The way to get conversions is to carefully and personally appeal to your target audience. This means focusing on things like audience demographics to channel marketing directly to the people that it is most relevant to and so that your advertising isn’t constantly thrust in the face of people who don’t care.

Social media platforms offer excellent advertising tools to help you to segment and target audiences and this is also possible through email marketing campaigns.



Online marketing is pivotal towards any businesses success and a tool which must be taken full advantage of, to make the most for your business please call Maxweb on 01516524777 or email to see how our team of experts can help you.

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