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Will Meta’s Latest Threads App Rival Twitter?

Jul 21, 2023

The digital landscape is always evolving and this month we saw the release of a brand-new social media platform called Threads. Brought to you by Meta, the giants behind Facebook and Instagram, Threads has unique capabilities and features with many saying it could take over from Twitter. But what exactly is Threads and how does it differ from Twitter?

In this article, we explore everything there is to know about the brand-new social media app as well as what it means for the online world.


What is Meta’s Thread App?

Meta, which was formerly known as the social media platform Facebook, recently released a brand-new app for social media users called Threads. It’s designed to make user interactions easier and is said to offer a more curated overall experience. Meta described Threads as a standalone app for Instagram’s Close Friends feature which allows users to share content with a specific group of friends and followers. This makes it more intimate and personal to share photos, videos and text.

The aim of Threads is to create a safer space for users to share content with their friends while enabling direct interaction and communication. Threads integrate with Instagram but are fully separate when it comes to purpose and functionality.

It might only have been out for a matter of days but many users have likened Threads to the existing platform, Twitter. However, Threads has distinguished itself and differentiates from current social media platforms by allowing users to create more personal groups of followers rather than global networks. While additional features will likely be released in the future, currently Threads’ key features include story sharing, location sharing, status updates, message threads and friend connections.


Threads vs. Twitter: What’s the difference?

At first glance, Twitter and Threads appear to be very similar – both in purpose, functionality and style. Both platforms are designed to allow users to make connections and share updates. But delve deeper into the social media channels and it seems that this is where the similarities end.

For starters, Twitter is used by a broad range of users and has multiple purposes including sharing opinions, connecting with each other, following public figures, sharing news and staying up to date with international events. The key strength of Twitter lies in its ability to provide real-time updates as well as connections and conversations on a global scale.

In contrast, Threads create more intimate and personal connections with a specific group of people. Designed to be used alongside the ‘Close Friends’ feature on Instagram, Threads allows for the personal sharing of information and conversations in a more controlled environment.


Key Features of the New Threads App

Just like every other social media platform, the features that Threads has today probably won’t be the features the app has in years to come. But already many of Threads features are distinctive to the platform and different from other sites out there.

Threads boasts real-time updates allowing users to share minute-by-minute updates to their close friends including automatic location updates and even battery life status. Conversations also appear in a thread-like style, encouraging ongoing discussions and bringing a little bit of personal nature to online interactions. Ultimately, Threads is focused on creating real connections among friends – in the online world.

Another key feature of the app is that Threads also offers content curation allowing users to pick and choose what they share and with who. This means Threads users have greater control over their social media platforms. Threads also boast stricter privacy settings. Users can edit their Close Friends lists at any time, ensuring that only the people they want to are viewing their content.


User Experience and Interface of Threads

As well as the features mentioned above, Threads has also been designed in a way that offers a user-friendly experience. The app is minimalistic and easy to navigate, the camera is front and centre and there are only three screens to get to grips with – the home screen, camera screen and inbox screen. All three feature stripped-back UI with essential buttons and simple-to-navigate features without any distractions. This makes the focus on quick and easy sharing of life’s moments.

This easy user interface is further enhanced by an engaging user experience. Real-time updates mean users can share information about their movement, location and battery status immediately, creating a close-knit community amongst friends and adding a layer to online interactions. What’s more, Threads also auto-suggests which friends to have on your list based on an algorithm taken from Instagram which considers your Close Friends list there. Users do still have full control over their Close Friends list, however.

That’s not the only control Threads users have as you can customise privacy settings, deciding who sees status updates and threads. Plus, users can even customise the theme colours, again enhancing the overall user experience.

By focusing on both user interface and user experience, Meta has created a platform which caters to social media users with evolving needs and desires. Plus, with a simple yet engaging interface as well as a level of personalisation and its unique features, Threads promises to be a unique and intriguing platform for direct and meaningful interaction online.


Implications for the Social Media Landscape

Of course, while Threads promises an exciting new advancement in the social media world it can’t be denied that it could reshape the online landscape. For starters, Threads encourages a move towards more personal and controlled social media experiences – stepping away from vast global networks and international connections. This alone could impact social media user behaviour as well as demand.

For content creators, influencers and businesses that use social media, Threads offers an opportunity to be more personal and direct with followers. However, this could have a direct impact on social media marketing.

The platform is also likely to create a level of competition between other social media platforms, and we may see additional features and even apps launched in the future. What’s more, while Threads will likely not replace Twitter, due to their differing focuses, it certainly adds a new player to the social media ecosystem. But as the world evolves and social media platforms become even more diverse, only time will tell the true impact of Meta’s Threads.

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Will Meta’s Latest Threads App Rival Twitter?