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Centreline Fires

Centreline Fires


Centreline Fires are a premium fireplace supplier based on Merseyside, offering a range of fireplace products for homeowners looking to completely transform their living space with the latest fire technology. Whether it’s a gas stove, electric fire or media wall that a customer is looking for, Centreline Fires are able to create bespoke fireplace products to suit any home.

The company approached us in 2021 as they wanted to upscale their business across various digital marketing channels: SEO and paid search, social media marketing, organic and paid social media marketing and email marketing.

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    Project launch: January 2021

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    YoY Increase in Organic Traffic


    Quality Paid Leads in 2023


    Quality Organic Leads in 2023

    Centreline Fires

    The Challenge

    Centreline Fires are a local business based in Wallasey, Merseyside, and was having trouble attracting audiences to their showroom to see their range of premium fire products. They didn’t only want to target audiences based in Merseyside but they wanted to stretch across the North West to introduce online users to their brand and drive leads through the website.

    With their budgeting spend, the business wanted to focus on making their product more visible to their audiences and generate important leads that can see them turn over premium, high value products. They wanted to take a holistic approach to their digital marketing strategy, targeting various digital channels to drive growth to the business.

    Centreline Fires

    The Solution

    Search Engine Optimisation

    The website needed to be visible on search engines across all of it’s target audiences in the North West, in order to raise awareness of the brand and it’s product range. As well as creating local-focused content for audiences based on Merseyside and the rest of the North West, our SEO efforts focused on providing users with a sound page experience when interacting with the website. This was through page speed optimisation, as well as making development changes to improve product browsing and enhancing lead gen.


    • Creating local content for audiences in North West region
    • Detailed keyword research
    • Page speed optimisation
    • Enhance user browsing experience
    • Focused outreach and link building
    • Technical fixes and URL structure
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    Paid Search

    In order to push the brand in front of target audiences for competitive keywords, we ran paid search campaigns on Google Ads across various ad groups. We created a bidding strategy that focused on bidding on highly relevant keywords that highly relevant audiences were searching for. We targeted people living in the North West, or a drivable distance from their showroom, and were searching to make a purchase. This was vital for not wasting ad budget and increasing our chances of a profitable ROI.

    • Create conversion-friendly landing pages
    • Conduct detailed keyword research
    • Strategic keyword bidding campaigns
    • Focused demographic targeting
    Paid search campaigns for Centreline Fires

    Paid Socials

    To continue improving the visibility of the business and it’s product range, we created engaging and exciting social ads that focused on attracting online users to the website through Facebook and Instagram. The advertisements were designed to encourage users to access the website whilst scrolling on their social media and encourage them to click through to the website, browsing their fireplace products.

    • Create conversion-friendly landing pages
    • Produce engaging copy and visual graphics
    • Demographic targeting for local audiences
    • Ad retargeting through Meta Pixel

    Centreline Fires

    The Results

    SEO Results

    360% YoY increase in organic traffic (between Jan’23 and Jan ’24)

    Averaging 2,500+ organic visitors each month

    Ranking for 157 keywords on Page One

    487 organic conversions during 2023 (enquiries and phone calls)


    We saw significant rise in traffic to the website through our SEO efforts, with the website not just ranking and competing with local competitors for keywords but battling with nationwide fireplace suppliers.

    The business wanted to generate leads as well as raise brand awareness, which was a success with more and more people not only finding the website through search but visiting directly.

    Increase in organic traffic for Centreline Fires
    Increase in keyword rankings for Centreline Fires

    Paid Search Results

    We ran paid search campaigns targeting various keywords that were aimed to target audiences in the North West region that were searching for various services that Centreline offer, including media walls, electric fires, gas stoves and more.

    Each campaign was successful, with a large number of leads and a low CPL for their high price point products resulting in significant profitability for the business and encouraging further growth of the brand.


    Leads Generated During 2023


    Phone Calls Generated


    Average Cost Per Lead

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