Client Project:

Kenna and Turner

Kenna and Turner are Wirral family-run funeral directors who are based in Wallasey.

Kenna and Turner asked the team at Maxweb to help completely recreate their brand identity with a new logo and web design. The company wanted a website design refresh from the original website that was created by Maxweb in 2019.

Due to the web design and SEO services we have provided Kenna and Turner with for the past 4 years, our team had a good knowledge of the company’s identity and the brilliant work they do when designing their new website.

kenna and turner logo


Kenna and Turner homepage screenshot

Project Launch: October 2022

WordPress Website

Website Type: WordPress

Kenna and Turner


Kenna and Turner came to Maxweb to create a new website that reflects their brand identity and offers a unique funeral quote calculator to help users of the website get a quote for their funeral.

The project began with a consultation to discuss the goals and needs of Kenna and Turner. The design and developer team listened carefully to the vision that Kenna and Turner had for the website and worked to understand their target audience and the services they offer.

Using this information, our design team created a custom WordPress site that is both visually appealing and user-friendly. The site showcases Kenna and Turner’s brand identity, including their new logo and colour scheme, and features high-quality images and content that accurately reflects the company’s values and services.

One of the key features of the website is a bespoke funeral quote calculator which was designed and implemented by the web design team. This tool allows visitors to easily determine the cost of various funeral services based on their specific needs and preferences. The calculator is easy to use and accurate, providing visitors with accurate and reliable quotes in just a few simple steps.

Our SEO team also works with Kenna and Turner using onsite SEO tactics to increase traffic to their site through techniques such as keyword research, onsite improvements and social media posting.


Increase in Clicks From Google


Increase in 1st Page Keywords


Reduction in Site Bounce Rate

Screenshot showing organic traffic increases on Kenna & Turner

Kenna and Turner


Since Kenna and Turner’s new website launched, the new design and features have helped to increase the company’s online presence and have provided a valuable resource for those seeking information about funeral services in the Wirral area. The custom design and quote calculator have proven to be particularly popular features, and have helped to differentiate Kenna and Turner from other competitor sites on the Wirral.

The testimonials and donations section on the website allows visitors to view upcoming funeral listings, leave a donation for families and leave a message of condolence, making the site more interactive and useful for people looking for more information.

Since Kenna and Turner started working with us, their total impressions have increased and brand awareness on the Wirral has improved significantly due to both the new website design and SEO services we have implemented.

The SEO Wirral services that Maxweb have provided Kenna and Turner with for the past 4 years have improved their visibility and boosted their number of customers.