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NAD+ at Home

NAD+ at Home


NAD+ at Home offer a unique supplement solution to their customers, aiming to boost performance and improve overall wellness in day to day life. They are an international e-commerce business, providing customers with the ability to order through their website and subscribe to regular delivery.

They approached us back in 2022 looking to transform their business with a brand new website and marketing strategy. We started work with them to bring them a brand new, fully functional e-commerce website and provide marketing services including organic and paid social media marketing, Paid Google and Bing Ads and Search Engine Optimisation.

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Project launch: August 2022

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Website type: Woocommerce


Increase in Organic Traffic


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New Leads Generated

NAD+ at Home

The Challenge


As a growing brand, NAD+ at Home required a fully-functional and responsive website that could deal with the rising demand for their products and offer users a seamless experience. They required a website that was easy to use internally, allowing them to manage user accounts, and deal with transactions with ease.

As well as seeking a brand new website, the business wanted to continue their trajectory in growth by boosting brand awareness and sales through new marketing streams. They already saw success from effective social media marketing campaigns, but wanted to explore new ways to reach their audiences through both paid and organic channels.

NAD+ at Home

The Solution


Design and Development

Firstly, we began the process of designing the website which involved detailed research on the business. To ensure that the website designs aligned with the brand, we took a detailed look into their guidelines and co-operated with the client to ensure that all of their requests were taken into consideration when it came to the initial drawings.

Once the final plans for the website designs were signed off, our development team proceeded to create the e-commerce website. Using WordPress and Woocommerce integrations, we developed a quick and responsive website that was easy for users to navigate on all devices, as well as being optimal for search engine results.

  • Communication with the client about their brand vision
  • Analyse competitor websites
  • Initial drawings of website design for client
  • Finalised design plans for development
  • Responsive website developed for mobile, desktop and tablet
  • Woocommerce features for Account management
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Search Engine Optimisation

After developing the website, we focused our efforts on improving the website to be increasingly visible on search engines, and ensure users are engaged with quality content. Our primary aim was to improve the user page experience for the website, as well as strengthening the domain authority

To improve how users interact with the website, we made significant improvements to the page speed, to avoid frustrating load times, and making the user journey as simple as possible from browsing to checkout. In addition, we completed regular citation link building which strengthened the authenticity of the business for Google.

  • Conduct detailed keyword and competitor research
  • Improve on-page keyword targeting
  • Create navigational pages to strengthen the brand
  • Optimise the website's page speed
  • Increase high quality backlinks to improve authority
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Social Media Marketing/Social Ads

The brand’s success can be attributed to their social media marketing strategy, which is something that they wanted to continue to use to help achieve their business goals.

We ran multiple paid social media campaigns that focused on both lead generation and brand awareness as key goals for the business. Our plans were not only to generate sales, promoting the latest sales or discount codes for products, but also to promote their strong influencer connections and celebrity endorsements.

  • Organic social media management
  • Graphic and post creation for ads
  • Monitoring budget and ad spending
  • Performance analysis
  • Campaign retargeting
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Paid Google Ads

To improve the website’s visibility for relevant audiences, we encouraged the business to promote the website through paid ads on Google.

Our aim was to receive clicks for commercial-focused terms to avoid any unnecessary ad spending and maximise ROI. We set a recommended daily budget for the business and bidded on keywords that were most likely to result in an engaged session, once the user is on the site.

The main product page on the website was designed specifically to be optimal for lead generation, which would encourage users landing from paid ads to convert easily.

  • Designed conversion-friendly landing pages
  • Strategically bidded on valuable keywords
  • Run multiple campaigns for sales and promotions
  • Managing budgets and spending
  • Analysing performance and adjusting campaigns
NAD Paid Ads

NAD+ at Home

The Results


SEO Results

Ranking for 224 keywords globally

Over 218 conversions since March ’22 generated through Organic Search

Over £17,000 revenue generated in one month of sales in December ’23


The client’s primary objective was to generate leads which we met, and then some, with a a significant amount of conversions and revenue from users searching for terms.

Our SEO efforts to improve brand awareness was successful, with a large amount of organic visitors browsing the website through non-branded traffic and users searching for general ‘NAD’-related terms.

NAD organic traffic between Jan '23 and Jan '24
Nad keywords between Jan '23 and Jan '24

Ad Spending Results

We ran campaigns across both Social and Paid ads, with the primary focus of lead generation to drive sales through the website.

Each campaign we completed was extremely successful, and drove significant revenue to the business. We saw a significant 2562.2% ROI from our ad campaigns across both social streams and search engines, which drove growth to the business and has developed a loyal customer base for the brand.


High Value Sales From Ads


Revenue Generated


ROI from Ad Spend

Web Design and Development Results

The design of the website aligned with the brand’s new vision, matching the concepts with their guidelines and mirroring the quality of the brand’s products.

The website features multiple internal pages which provide information about the business and their mission, as well as Woo functionality with a Shop and Account features to allow users to one-off purchase, or subscribe to regular deliveries of their products.

NAD+ at Home on iPad
NAD+ at Home on iPhone
NAD+ at Home on iMac
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John Gillen

Owner and Founder

“The team at Maxweb have helped my business grow significantly with our brand new website and different forms of marketing campaigns. We have seen a significant rise in the amount of sales and we look forward to continuing working with them.”

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