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Bespoke Apps for your business

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At Maxweb Solutions we specialise in mobile, desktop and tablet app development. Our experienced team of app developers are able to create apps for most of the popular mobile app platforms including Android and iPhone / iPad (iOS).

All of our apps are 100% bespoke to your needs. All apps are hand-coded using JavaScript, PHP, Java and Swift. In the past we've created apps for national food outlets, recruitment companies, estate agents, educational organisations and a law firm.

Since your app users are likely going to access the app on a variety of different mobile devices, we're able to code your app in multiple programming languages so that your app may be enjoyed by the maximum amount of users.

Our mobile app skills allow you to create a stunning yet highly functional mobile application for your business or organisation. Our team of mobile app developers are based in Wirral, Merseyside. However, our mobile app clients are based throughout the United Kingdom. Since we're not London-based, our service is highly affordable.



Over the last five years we’ve developed hundreds of bespoke mobile and desktop applications. Below we list some of the categories of apps we have created for our clients:

  • Social apps
  • Gaming apps
  • Restaurant apps
  • Recruitment apps
  • Productivity apps
  • B2B apps
  • Healthcare apps


Before your app development begins you will be assigned an experienced project manager. A detailed discovery process is implement. We ensure we understand your exact app requirements before design and development begins. All of our work adheres to strict ISO 9001 quality management systems guidelines.

Once we've captured your specific app requirements a brief is sent over to our app design and UX teams. We design apps that are easy to use with maximum visual appeal when viewed on mobile devices. We also ensure your app embodies your core brand values.

Once your app is designed the visuals are sent to you for approval. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your app's visual appeal we will make further tweaks or a complete redesign until your satisfaction is obtained.

Once you are satisfied with your app's design we then begin the development stage. A team of highly experienced developers ensure your app is coded to perfection. Once your app is developed a period of intense testing is put in place. Once we're satisfied your app is in a correctly working condition you will be given the opportunity to test your new app yourself. Again, we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee at all junctions of the design, development and testing stages of app development. We are only happy when you are happy. If you are not satisfied with the way your app performs then we shall redevelop and redesign your app until we attain your complete satisfaction.

Once your app is completed we are able to upload your app onto the Apple AppStore and Google Play on your behalf.



The number of mobile phones with the Android operating system now outstrips even Apple’s iOS operating system. In the past we've created awesome Android mobile apps for our customers. Our experienced Android app developers have worked with most Android development tools such as DDMS, Android SDK tools and Zipalign.

We build Android apps to suit your specific business needs. Once your android app is developed we carry out vigorous testing to ensure your app works on old and new versions of the Android OS.



We've been developing iOS apps since the Apple AppStore launched back in 2008. That means we've earned over half a decade's worth of iOS app development experience in that time. Since 2008 we've seen the number of iOS app functions evolve and evolve. Apple claims over half a million iOS apps are now in existence!

Even though the number of Android users dwarf the number of iOS users, the iPhone App Store continues to generate far greater revenues each year than the Google Play Store. If you plan to monetise your app, you can't beat iOS!



At Max Web Solutions we also employ a highly skilled team of digital marketers. Our marketing team is able to drive search and display traffic to your mobile app. This includes Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn and display traffic using a variety of Demand Side Platforms (DSP).

We're able to drive mobile traffic to your AppStore and Google Play store from New Zealand to Brazil and everywhere in between. We utilise post-back server-to-server tracking. This allows us to optimise your mobile app advertisement by mobile carrier and operating system.



If you require app development then contact our team today on 0151 652 4777 or contact us. We offer a bespoke app development service you can rely on. This service is ideal for businesses located in Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, Manchester or North Wales. We are located in Birkenhead, Merseyside. Contact us today through the website or call on 0151 652 4777.

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