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Identified as a highly desirable platform to use, Shopify carries many complex issues, which many business owners fail to work past. This is commonly down to limited knowledge of Shopify SEO services; something we specialise in here at Maxweb Solutions.

Shopify is one of the most utilised eCommerce software out there, helping to deliver and enhance the offering of global retailers. Through a Shopify built website, companies can promote and sell products, while completing financial transactions and purchasing processes.

In order to receive value from a Shopify eCommerce site, effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies must be maintained, along with strong content marketing knowledge. For a large proportion of business owners, SEO isn’t their forte, while attempting to juggle multiple hats.

Through our Shopify SEO services, we can make the most of the platform for you by employing effective SEO strategies. From increasing your website’s visitors, and attracting potential customers on the likes of Google, to distributing content across the marketing spectrum, we can help.


What is Shopify?

Utilised by global retailers, Shopify is an eCommerce software, embedded into websites. Shopify provides businesses with the ability to maintain an online shop, where consumers can virtually visit and make purchases. By embracing the features of Shopify, seamless user experience can be maintained. However, through its complex software, without expert Shopify knowledge, some areas of the platform may be perceived as downfalls.

When considering Shopify SEO strategies, differences are present in comparison to alternative platforms. With this in mind, it is imperative that the eCommerce store and back-end are maintained by Shopify SEO experts.

Common issues with Shopify SEO include misleading figures surrounding meta descriptions and titles tags, along with URL structures and complex content marketing processes. To combat these issues and experience the value of the platform, utilise our Shopify SEO services here at Maxweb Solutions.


Areas covered through our Shopify SEO services

Before offering our Shopify SEO services, we will firstly complete a website analysis. This will identify the key weaknesses in your store’s build, code and UX/UI. This step is imperative to ensure that you are getting the most out of your online store.

Once an analysis has been completed, we will gauge your aims as a business owner. Are you hoping to improve your online presence? Is your loading time too slow? Maybe you’re hoping to update the experience consumers can receive online, through your store? Or maybe you’re aiming for more potential customers? Based on your requirements, key SEO services will be recommended, following Shopify guidelines.

From here, it is likely that URL structures will require optimisation, including the correct canonical links. Alongside the technology behind your Shopify store, our team of SEO experts will consider the content embedded into your website. High quality content must be present to achieve successful Shopify SEO rankings. Through this, consistent evaluations of your product pages will be made, ensuring that appropriate updates can be made efficiently. This will ensure that your content ranks higher than competitors, especially when considering keywords and image ALTS.

Additionally, our Shopify SEO services will include the usability of your website. This is very important when considering the build of your website, along with its promotion. A difficult to use website will not be desirable, commonly suppressing SEO efforts. With this in mind, improving UX/UI is a must, along with consistently updating competitive keywords.


The benefits of using our Shopify SEO services

By making use of our Shopify SEO services, there are many benefits on offer.

An SEO strategy, based on your needs

Firstly, you will receive an SEO strategy, based on your personal needs. All websites are different. Likewise, all aims are different. A Shopify specific SEO strategy will be formed to help achieve your aims.

Our expert SEO recommendations

Our team here at Maxweb Solutions are made up of SEO experts. We pride ourselves on our knowledge surrounding niche SEO strategies and policies. Through our recommendations, you will receive accurate guidance to improve your Shopify SEO rankings.

The ability to improve the value of your Shopify website

Throughout our Shopify SEO services, you’ll have the ability to improve the value of your online shop. By improving user experience, UX/UI/ purchasing processes and secondary content, your online store will act as a large part of your overarching sales and marketing strategy.

The chance to attract new potential customers

If you’re hoping to attract new potential customers, this is your chance. By increasing the visibility of your store, through higher rankings, you’ll likely target a new segment of consumers.

Higher rankings across search engines

The key aim of SEO is to achieve high rankings. Great effort has been placed in creating your website and content marketing assets. Increase its exposure and influence by reaching a higher ranking across search engines.


Why is SEO important?

In today’s digital world, a strong SEO strategy is imperative. Search engines, such as Google are currently flooded by a wide range of websites, online stores and blog posts. With this in mind, there are pages and pages of adverts and links, just like yours.

To help boost the ranking of your content and assets, an effective SEO strategy will be beneficial. However, it is important that a Shopify SEO strategy is employed, helping to ensure that suitable features are highlighted on your platform, translating across search engines. Additionally, this approach will ensure that your eCommerce site will be accepted by the search engine, meeting their ranking criteria.

Without an SEO strategy, an online presence will be non-existent, a strong conversion rate will be unlikely and low rankings across high-quality content marketing will be experienced.

To combat negative results, utilising Shopify SEO services will be recommended. Although complex on the surface, for our Shopify SEO experts, this activity is second nature, with vast experience of improving the ongoing online presence of many clients.

Through our Shopify SEO services here at Maxweb Solutions, the above benefits are very likely. Experience them for yourself and benefit greatly through an effective and results driven Shopify eCommerce site. Get in touch today.

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