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Social Media Wirral



To put it simply, social media is a platform that enables people to contribute information online. This could be using a simple blog on your website or large networks like Facebook and Twitter. Many business-owners hear about the need for social media for their business but do not know how to use it or why it is necessary. The world of marketing is constantly evolving and the role of social media is becoming more and more important for your business. Effective use of this platform can drive traffic to your website and increase your brand awareness.

At Maxweb Solutions, we can run your social media campaigns for you. If your business needs to run a social media campaign in Wirral, we will use the platform to increase brand awareness, interact with your customers and drive traffic to your website. Call us on 0151 652 4777 for more information.




Since 2011 (possibly earlier), Google has been using social media engagement metrics to influence rankings. Other search engine such as Bing are sure to follow if not already. Social media actions such as likes, tweets, retweets, mentions and shares are used by Google as a form of proofing the content - if actual people like it then so do they! In a similar way to the now standard form of hyper linking for SEO benefits, social media actions are like votes for the web page and its content. The more votes a web page or website has, the more likely the content is to be seen as reliable (or interesting). Basically the more likes or sanctions your website or web page gets then the more Google will think it is relevant and reliable to the search keywords/phrase entered.




Promoting your products/services/content through social media networking will not only help build/strengthen a reputation and increase your web traffic and public exposure but will also aid search engine relevancy. Social media +1's, tweets, retweets, shares and Facebook likes are having an ever increasing affect on Google (and many other search engines) rankings, whether you are aboard the social media bandwagon or not!

If you are interested increasing your social media presence and improving your Google rankings along with becoming more efficient by saving money, time and physical resources then let Maxweb Solutions help you begin, manage and/or improve your social media campaign.

Call us today on 0151 652 4777 or contact us to find out how social media can benefit your business today!

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