5 Daily SEO Tasks You Need To Be Doing

Jun 25, 2021

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is now a process within digital marketing, which truly cannot be avoided. Within its necessary role, to gain attraction, target demographics and remain relevant and credible, consistency of SEO tasks is key.

Consistency within digital marketing can offer many benefits to businesses. From developing across the board standards to delivering recognisable content and engagements, consistent input is therefore vital. Paired with a long-term strategy, it’s clear to see how deliverable such efforts can be.

It is very important to have a long-term strategy in place for SEO, to provide direction and purpose behind the input of SEO tasks. Yet, on approach, such strategies can be overwhelming for busy business owners, especially while combined with the ever-changing landscape of SEO.

To alleviate such pressure, there are some consistent, smaller tasks and goals that you can aim for, to maintain your SEO quality and input.

Here are 5 daily SEO tasks you need to be doing to achieve such consistency, still on track to fulfil overarching SEO goals.

If you require support with your technical SEO strategy or hope for some advice surrounding everyday SEO, contact our digital marketing agency here at Maxweb Solutions.


The importance of being consistent with SEO tasks

To gain results through SEO, accumulative efforts must be invested. Small yet impactful steps can help to form and manage a long-term SEO strategy with delivery in mind. That’s correct, you must think long-term when investing in SEO, yet with the commitment of ongoing focus.

For example, content creation should be an ongoing activity within digital marketing. While platforms which host your content may be stagnant and reputable, the churn of content creation and publishing will need to continue to define such reputability.

Within content creation falls SEO input, from keyword research to link building and content tags. Each piece of content will require SEO input.

Yet, alone, results of SEO tasks may be minimal when ranked against your overall content plan. However, by adding together the efforts of all content, and the subsequent embedded SEO tasks, the awareness, engagement, and conversion rates of such content can deliver digital marketing goals.

The online world is 24/7, constantly changing, constantly engaging, and constantly competing. To turn efforts into worthwhile commitments, SEO tasks must therefore remain consistent and relevant, following key trends and evolution of SEO.

Here are 5 daily SEO tasks you need to be doing to maintain such presence, to compete and to consistently strengthen your long-term strategy.


5 daily SEO tasks you need to be doing

Overwhelming as an entire process, SEO can take a lot of time to manage. Yet by breaking up the below tasks into everyday SEO activity, you’ll soon have an efficient and effective SEO strategy in place.

1. Fresh content creation and site maintenance
Content creation should be an ongoing activity. Once you’ve uploaded a new blog, which is formed for SEO ranking, it’s time to work on the next piece of content.

Alternatively, updating existing content is also an option to keep up with SEO forecasts and industry talking points. Such a level of consistency will help to keep your audience engaged, will highlight to search engines that you are active, serious, and present, and will also help to manage site maintenance.

Site maintenance is a task in itself, yet pairs nicely with content creation and publishing, down to the relevancy that both have when considering user experience and engagement. Standing as a daily SEO task, setting yourself some key areas to maintain and focus on, while also churning out a proactive content plan.


2. Assess Google Analytics

It’s vital to measure, digest, and change SEO strategies. As trends change, adaptability and competition is rife, it’s imperative to keep a close eye on how well your content and SEO efforts are performing.

Using Google analytics should become a daily habit, to consider areas of improvement, from site visit rates to click-throughs and to page speed (weaving into site maintenance).


3. Technical SEO strategy

Technical SEO may be off-putting, down to its area of specialism. However, one of the 5 daily SEO tasks you need to be doing surrounds such efforts, which can in fact be eased through some routine tasks.

Those tasks can be anything from managing image size, to assessing the necessity of your webpages, and to managing the quality of your SEO input.


4. Strengthen Internal Linking Structure

Quality links are very important to maintain when looking to excel in SEO. By building and strengthening internal linking structure, from your cornerstone content to your use of external links, is something you can consistently maintain, which will benefit your SEO activity.


5. Remaining Active On Social Media

Activity on social media can link to your SEO output. By remaining active, driving audiences to your content, and tying together your activity, will benefit your SEO ranking, along with many other measures.


Managing everyday SEO with our backing at Maxweb Solutions

SEO techniques and processes can come across as extremely complex, especially while attempting to meet every goal and measure.

It’s understandable that you may even find the above recommendations overwhelming, especially if you’re a busy business owner or lack insight into SEO.

At Maxweb Solutions we’re therefore here to back you, to guide you and to provide daily SEO support, to benefit your long-term strategy.

From creating fresh content and pitching new ideas, to maintaining the quality of your site, existing copy, and engagements, and carrying such efforts across all areas of digital marketing, we can help you consistently manage SEO tasks.

The above 5 daily SEO tasks you need to be doing are just some, of a larger picture, which we can also assist with, from strengthening your strategy to implementing supportive services.

Reach out to discuss how consistently managed SEO tasks, in-house can benefit your business. Relevancy is everything with SEO. Ensure that you’re fulfilling the bare minimum to compete across search engines and online platforms.

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