6 SEO Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

Feb 07, 2022

Most web search queries are now completed across mobile devices. Whilst desktop searches will continue to tick by, the scope and usability of mobile devices are continuing to develop, making them the perfect tool for on-the-go decision making.

Although this may be old news, for some business owners, poor web design continues to plague their search rankings, KPIs and online interactions. The majority will see a battle between mobile and desktop designs, when in fact they can be equally invaluable through a responsive website.

A responsive website or web design is a usable, functional, and cross-device design strategy, helping to improve user experience and online results. It is both a structural and visual strategy, helping to boost the performance of web pages and sites across various screen sizes and devices.

Developing and maintaining a responsive web design will help to deliver an easy to navigate site which meets user needs. It will also benefit search rankings, due to Google’s mobile-first benchmark.

Here are 6 SEO benefits of responsive web design that you can encounter, helping to improve the quality of user experiences, interactions, and all-round online performance. At MaxWeb Solutions, we’re here to help you develop a mobile-friendly, accessible website with strong responsiveness.


What is responsive web design?

A responsive site is both mobile and desktop friendly. It is usable for all users, no matter their access point.

For example, through responsive web design, the same information and navigation can be accessed by both mobile and desktop users. By designing compatible web pages, the same experience can be expected, fitting for screen size and device.

Due to usability trends and a change in user needs, a responsive site is now a must for any online business. Responsiveness measures the performance of a website, from how it interacts with users and helps with decision making.

Responsive web design will accommodate user needs, making sure that a positive customer experience can be secured across platforms.


Why do you need a responsive website?

Mobile search queries and everyday usage will continue to rise. It is an adoption that will live on due to technological advancements and the need for 24/7 accessibility.

Most purchases are made across mobile-friendly websites, helping to speed up the decision-making funnel. Without a mobile-friendly web design, a large proportion of interactions, sales and recommendations will be missed out on, also deterring returning visits.

Responsive web design, therefore, benefits users and customers, by meeting their usability needs and delivering high-quality experiences. Yet it equally benefits online businesses, especially through SEO rankings and KPIs.

Here are 6 SEO benefits of responsive web design that you can begin to encounter by implementing a cross-device strategy.


6 SEO benefits of responsive web design


1. Improves usability

Usability is a very important metric for a website. A usable website will deliver the information that a user has searched for, will solve a problem, will motivate a decision, and will also encourage action.

With greater usability rates, online experiences will be better, time-on-page measures will be higher, and chances of return will be stronger.

Responsive web design helps to improve usability by making sure that information can be correctly engaged with, whilst manoeuvring around an entire website.

With improved usability, benefits of increased web traffic are likely, along with credible recognition across search engines.


2. Google prioritises mobile-first

Google is the most used search engine. Its algorithms help to evaluate and rank information to meet user needs and search queries.

A mobile-friendly website is a ranking factor, showing Google that information is credible, usable, and deliverable. Google rankings display high-quality websites and designs, prioritising responsiveness as a characteristic.


3. Improves customer experience

A responsive site will naturally improve the customer experience. The experience that a user has on your website will influence their next moves. Positive user experience can attract, engage, and retain customers, along with contributing towards loyalty. Poor user experience can motivate many customers to look elsewhere.

With responsive web design, customer opinions and endorsements can increase. Yet most importantly, it offers a transparent, intended, and legitimate online interaction.


4. Lower bounce rates

One of the 6 SEO benefits of responsive web design focuses on bounce rates. Bounce rates reflect the time that is spent on your website before a user leaves. High bounce rates will indicate that users are immediately leaving, usually due to poor design and low usability. This can be very damaging for search results, reducing the suitability of your site for key search queries.

Through responsive web design, bounce rates can be lowered, by instead increasing on-page engagements. By lowering rates, user satisfaction and experience will organically improve.


5. Improves page speed

Your on-page load speed can either motivate interactions or motivate bounce rates. Page speed is also a key metric when considering SEO rankings. By optimising web pages and content with speed in mind, the user experience will be greater, by offering time-sensitive responses and manoeuvres.

A responsive site will improve page speed, as mobile-friendly designs load quicker across both mobile and desktop devices.


6. Avoids duplicated content

Instead of creating a separate mobile site and risking duplicate content issues, responsive design can instead streamline your website.

Two separate websites can confuse search engines, risking credibility and accuracy. By opting for a responsive web design, both sites can be merged to deliver a one-stop platform for all users.


Web design at MaxWeb Solutions

Mobile-friendly designs are essential to meet today’s on-the-go technological trends. Yet as desktop searches continue, responsive web design is instead recommended to cater across the board.

At MaxWeb Solutions, we are a specialist digital marketing agency offering services across SEO, web design, Ecommerce sites and social media marketing. Reach out for our support whilst designing, developing, and maintaining a responsive site.

There are a wealth of reasons to go ahead, including the above 6 SEO benefits of responsive web design. Benefit your interactions, your rankings, your online KPIs, your image and your footprint with responsive web design.

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