Content and SEO: How to Make Them Work Effectively

Feb 09, 2021

Each day, over 3.5 billion Google searches are conducted by consumers searching for products and services that can fulfil their needs as they progress through the decision-making journey.

Although many organisations believe that simply publishing content and developing a SEO strategy is enough to enhance their brand awareness and reach their target audience, this is sadly not true.  Content and SEO must work cohesively if they are to work effectively.

If you have realised that your current content and SEO strategy is not providing you with the results you had initially anticipated, understanding content and SEO and how to make them work effectively will provide you with the insight you need to improve your efforts.


Content and SEO Explained

Before delving into how to make content and SEO work effectively, it may be beneficial to understand what content and SEO is.  Although content and SEO are both employed to drive traffic to websites, increase brand awareness and secure a more significant return-on-investment, content and SEO are somewhat different.

For example, content marketing sees businesses publish blogs, service pages, and relevant imagery and video-content on their website in a hope to entice potential customers.  While often overlooked, 92% of businesses that take advantage of content marketing state that it is a valuable part of their overall marketing strategy because of the benefits provided.

Unlike content, SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation as it is otherwise known, is a form of marketing widely employed by organisations and marketing agencies, such as our own, to increase search engine visibility.  When effectively implemented, SEO drives 50% more traffic to a brands website than any other form of digital marketing.


The Benefits of Content and SEO

Combined, content marketing and SEO offer a plethora of benefits to businesses of all sizes.  However, only 30% of businesses implement a content and SEO marketing strategy.

Regrettably, this means that 70% of organisations miss out on various opportunities to captivate their target audience’s attention and secure leads that eventually result in a more significant return-on-investment.

To provide insight into the benefits of content and SEO, we have outlined just a few reasons that you need to ensure content and SEO work effectively below;


  • Combined, content and SEO increases search visibility
  • Content and SEO provides higher Google rankings
  • As content and SEO are employed, businesses obtain enhanced credibility
  • Content and SEO increases website traffic and brand awareness
  • Content and SEO has the potential to enable businesses to secure a greater return-on-investment


Content and SEO: How to Make Them Work Effectively

When considering how to make content and SEO work effectively, various steps can be taken.

To help you understand content and SEO and how to make them work effectively, we have provided our top tips below.


1. Consider What Your Target Audience Is Likely to Be Searching For

Before implementing content and SEO, it is essential to consider what your target audience is likely to be searching for and the content they want to come across as they progress through the decision-making journey.

As you come to understand the content that your target audience is likely to be searching for, you can determine whether blogs, service pages or even video-based content is desired.

Although this may seem somewhat difficult to gauge, reviewing your current website performance will assist you.

A quick check on Google Analytics will provide you with insight into the pages that users view on your website, the pages with a greater number of page views, and the pages with a higher bounce rate.

Reviewing the pages on your website that have a more generous amount of page views and lower bounce rates will provide you with an insight into the content that your current website users prefer.


2. Do A Generous Amount of Keyword Research

As you understand the content that your target consumers are searching for, it is essential to conduct keyword research.  Not only will keyword research enable you to uncover how often various keywords are searched for, but it will also determine which keywords you must include in your content to ensure that you can optimise your blogs and website for search.

Failure to conduct keyword research before creating content could see you struggling to secure the interest of your target consumers.

At MaxWeb Solutions, we would recommend taking advantage of long-tail keywords, which are usually three to six words in length.  This is because consumers conducting searches with more than three words are often ready to purchase.


3. Create Compelling Content That Utilises Keywords

To ensure that content and SEO work effectively, you must ensure that the content you publish on your website utilises the keywords you have determined you want your website to appear for on Google.

Typically, we would advise using your chosen keyword as your blog or page title, once in the introduction paragraph, within a subheading and two to three times throughout the remainder of your content.


4. Review The Performance of Your Website

As you publish your content, it is imperative to review the performance of the page or blog published to ensure that your content and SEO work effectively.

As touched on above, pages with a greater number of page views and a lower bounce rate often indicate that content and SEO are effectively directing your target audience to your website.

A high bounce rate and lower number of page views will determine that your content and SEO may not be providing you with the results you had hoped to obtain.


Contact MaxWeb Solutions Today for Content and SEO Support

If you have reviewed your content and SEO and our tips on how to make them work effectively, yet believe that professional support would be ideal, we can provide you with just that.

We regularly provide our clients with SEO services in Liverpool and afar to ensure that they are able to increase their brand awareness and reach their target audience.

To uncover how we can assist you, call us today on 0151 652 4777.



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