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Ideas that will make your Website look more Professional

Feb 12, 2021

In a world where digital communication, touchpoints and decisions take the lead, having a website for your business is very important. Yet, not just any website, a professional, functional and purpose-driven platform is required to stand a chance across search engines.

Your website can in fact say a lot about your offering, from how credible you are in the market, to the standards of your services and whether you can fulfil the needs of your audience.

It stands as the first impression that your potential customers or clients will have of your business, through a simple search, ultimately dictating their decision to invest in you.

Down to this, a professional-looking website can carry significant weightage, of course in tandem with your entire offering and online presence.

Yet, many companies do overlook the value that a website can offer, from providing useful information to tackle customer pain points, from promoting services/products, and from improving customer reach and engagement.

If you’re struggling with your website, down to its design, functionality or speed, it’s time to level up, aiming for a credible image. Here are some ideas that will make your website look more professional, respond more professional and stand as more professional in your industry.

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The importance of a professional-looking website

Imagine that a potential customer clicks onto your website. It takes some time to load up, which soon showcases low-quality imagery, useless information and a confusing structure.

Through a visit like this, there’s a high chance that your potential customer will close the tab of your website and revert to their Google search. Now imagine this on a mass scale, where your website and its design could be reducing the value of your tangible offering.

This is exactly why a professional-looking website is important, to attract, engage and convert audiences into customers, rather than scaring them off towards your competitors.

Your website can say a lot about your company. It can offer insight, inspiration, support, guidance, and options, all contributing to the customer decision-making process. A professional looking website will add to that process.

While an outdated, unprofessional and amateur website will reduce your credibility and influence within that process.

There are some simple changes you can make to make your website look more professional. Those small changes can motivate great conversions, can even transform your entire online offering, and can provide a strong foundation within the digital marketing world.

Here are some ideas that will make your website look more professional which you can make use of, from the design of your website to its development phase and beyond.


Ideas that will make your website look more professional

You can be as creative as you like with your website. Yet before delving into in-depth web design, it’s wise to have a strong structure in place, posing as professional.


Reflect your brand message and mission

The standard of your website should reflect the standard of your company. For example, if you’re offering a high price point service, your website should reflect this from the atmosphere it provides to the online plug-ins and features you offer online.

Your website should ooze your brand message and mission, resembling what you stand for, from the font that you use to the images that you display, to the tone of voice found throughout your copy.


Consider your web design

Your website design can offer a professional look by selecting a clean, easy to read and consistently used font, which again reflects your tone of voice.

The colours that you select for your website will also offer similar results, which should not only follow your brand guidelines but also resonate positively with your audience.

For example, if you’re offering professional services, the use of bright colours, resembling a rainbow won’t be appropriate, in fact devaluing your professionalism.

When working on your web design, you should think about how you hope to be viewed by your audience, whether that’s a serious and credible company or a personable and humanised offering.


Use high-quality assets

Using high-quality assets is one of the many strong ideas that will make your website look more professional. For example, a low-quality image which is pixelated will not only reduce the aesthetics of your website but will also showcase the little value that you personally place on your digital assets.

Professional imagery, video content and downloads should be found on your website, providing an insight into the quality of your business offering.

Your assets should evoke and be just as important as the copy that you share, boasting unique and fit for purpose characteristics. Avoiding the likes of stock imagery which are highly used will help to make your website look more professional.


Aim for consistency

Consistency is key throughout marketing, whether that’s on your website, your social media or your tangible messages.

You should aim for consistency across the structure of your website, the colours and effects that you select, the tone of voice that you project and the standards that you offer.

A consistent brand showcases greater levels of professionalism, helping boost your credibility across your website and your entire digital footprint. This will help your audience recognise you quicker, engage with your greater, and take your offering more seriously.


Make it user-friendly

Alongside the design and contents of your website, to make it look more professional, you should aim for a user-friendly platform.

By this, we mean that your audience should be able to navigate your website with ease, where information will be clear, where steps throughout the decision-making process will be defined, and where the online experience can be enjoyed and fulfilling.

You will be able to consider the functionality of your website, including its load speed when looking into the design and development phases.


First functionality, then creativity

If you’re wondering how to make your website look professional, it’s easy to get carried away with creative and visual ideas. They of course contribute to the professionalism of your offering. Yet, to ensure that a quality experience can be encountered, you should first prioritise the functionality of your website, soon followed by your creative ideas.

Once you have a strong foundation where your website can be used to its best of ability, you can then implement ideas that will make your website look more professional.

We at Maxweb Solutions can help you with the entire process from web design to development, boasting a professional look, feel and service.

Reach out today to elevate your online image and offering by securing a professional website, meeting the standards of your service.

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