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Does my business need to be on social media?

Sep 17, 2018

Today’s average consumer is overwhelmed with options. If someone is in the market to buy a coat, they not only have all the shops on the high street to choose from but a selection of online retailers, market places and second-hand businesses all trying to convince that same person to spend their money with them.

However, you can make your brand stand out and become a customer’s first choice by using social media. Social media gives businesses a unique opportunity to show their fun side and to connect on a personal level with individual customers at the same time.

Using social media can significantly improve your business in several ways, such as boost your business’s online presence and even your sales.

In this article will reveal how creating a social media account could help you build your brands reputation, improve customer service and focus on the consumers.

After all, if you haven’t got a good relationship with your customers, then your business will struggle to ever succeed…

Give customers a personal brand experience

The average consumer prefers to contact brands on social media because it’s quick, easy and results in the quickest response. However, there is a certain way that you should go about responding to consumers who reach out to you, complain, or make a query about your product.

You shouldn’t reply to customers in the same style as an automated email would, nor should you use a basic template that you copy and paste into your chat. All your communication should be personable and address the individual whilst keeping a professional tone.

That means you should use your customers first name to simulate a real-life conversation. In your reply, make sure to be polite and helpful – there’s nothing worse than customer service which feels like it was delivered by a robot.

Communication is instant

When we’re upset or confused, we seek answers straight away to make sense of what’s going on and consumers are no different.

A potential international customer could have a query about custom fees or want to voice their concerns to you. Whatever the situation, your business can use social media to create carefully thought out replies and boost your brands overall customer service.

On social media, sorting through new messages and responding in a prompt manner isn’t a tedious task that requires a lot of time or effort.

This means that it’s a win for both parties – customers don’t have to wait hours for a reply and your brand can build a reputation as reliable, transparent and friendly.

Follow up with ease

You can’t please everyone so it’s unavoidable that your brand’s social media account receives at least one complaint at some point.

Not only does social media give you the time to formulate a great reply in a prompt fashion, but it also grants you the ability to follow up with past customers.

But why would your business need to follow up with customers who have made complaints in the past? It doesn’t matter what your customer had complained about as long as you handled it well at the time.

By sending a follow up email a couple weeks later, you show your customer that you genuinely care about their experience. Sending a courtesy message on Facebook or Twitter only takes a couple of minutes but it could significantly change a customer’s views on your company. You may even convince a past customer to return.

We can build your social media accounts

If want to improve your brand’s social media accounts, or if you’re ready to create a new account and reach a whole new demographic – we can help. At Maxweb, we offer social media solutions, so our clients don’t need to sacrifice their precious time to create, manage and promote their own social media accounts and posts. Contact Maxweb on 0151 652 4777.

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Does my business need to be on social media?