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How a paid social media campaign can help your business

Oct 26, 2021

Today, around 3.78 billion people across the world actively use social media platforms. This is set to increase to 4.41 billion over the next few years. Whilst such platforms have heavy footfall, offering 24/7 accessibility and communication, your content will be invisible to most.

Organic social media marketing is valuable. It helps to maintain an online shopfront, it contributes to customer service, it helps to keep audiences in the know and it can develop a social community. However, to reach maximum users, paid social media marketing is a recommended business move.

A paid social media campaign is an effective strategy that targets audiences and increases visibility through paid ads or sponsors. There’s a variety of formats available, across different social media networks, to suit business needs.

Whilst organic content is important to keep on top of, paid campaigns are necessary to cut through the noise of newsfeeds. Here’s how a paid social media campaign can help your business, from your social presence to your overarching digital strategy. We at MaxWeb Solutions can help you develop, publish, and manage your campaigns.


What is paid social media marketing?

Currently, you may be using popular social media platforms, for free, to share content, communicate with customers and maintain your brand image. This is organic activity, which can keep your social presence ticking by.

Paid social media marketing is where you’ll complete such activity yet with a budget behind it. By opting for ads or sponsored content, you’ll have the chance to boost and profit from your paid activity.

Examples of paid social media marketing include influencer-generated content, pay-per-click (PPC), and display ads. All can be worked into a results-driven campaign, facilitated over social media sites.

Social media marketing, especially of a paid kind, is extremely important when considering overarching digital marketing goals. It can bring together numerous channels, audiences, and content formats to achieve marketing objectives. It can focus on niche demographics, can turn messages viral and can speed up the adoption process.


Here’s how a paid special media campaign can help your business, including its benefits vs organic content.

Benefits of paid social media marketing vs organic

There are many benefits of paid social media marketing, which you can profit from for the long-term if you develop a strong and objective strategy. Reasonably, organic social media content is beneficial. Yet with some budget behind, those benefits can elevate even further.

  • It increases brand awareness: Achieving and maintaining brand awareness is very important to remain relevant and competitive. Organic content helps to maintain awareness. Paid social media marketing helps to increase business awareness by consistently sharing sponsored posts. Over time, recognition and recall can increase greater through paid activity.


  • It’s a cost-effective marketing strategy: Although you’ll need to put some budget behind a paid social media campaign, it’s a cost-effective marketing strategy. It’s a results-driven process, which can offer quick and suitable exposure if done correctly.


  • It increases reach: Social media platforms are globally adopted. By developing a targeted campaign, your reach can either become broad or specific. Depending on your objectives, either can be achieved, to reach higher volumes or niche audiences. Through the organic activity, this can be harder to achieve, depending on your followers and their suitability.


  • It helps to target audiences: When creating a paid social media campaign, you can tailor your post to target specific audiences. This is highly beneficial, especially when compared with organic activity, as you can make sure that your content reaches the right people.


  • It’s a rapid strategy: An organic strategy can take a long time to profit from. It is worthwhile for long-term results. Yet for quicker results, to push out a new product or to achieve a new objective, paid activity will be recommended. With the right format, budget and timeframe, social media content can thrive.


  • It can generate leads: If you’re wondering ‘how a paid social media campaign can help your business’, it can help to generate leads. By getting in front of the right people, and by considering their user behaviours, you can gauge interests and intentions. You’ll have first-hand, genuine leads to follow. Organic activity is harder to analyse, as platforms are flooded with engagements.


  • It can increase your website traffic: Advertising your website through your paid social media campaign can benefit your online presence, but specifically your website traffic. By sharing your website with a greater reach of consumers, or with targeted demographics, you can increase your click-throughs and conversions.


How a paid social media campaign can help your business

If you’re looking for quick, specific, and cost-effective results, it’s clear to see how beneficial paid marketing campaigns are, over organic activity. Yet there’s also scope for long-term benefits, by incorporating paid content into your calendars.

Here’s how a paid social media campaign can help your business in the long term.

  • It can help your social media presence and credibility by continuously increasing awareness, trust, and recognition.
  • It can speed up your targeting strategy by focusing on and engaging with certain demographics.
  • It can increase your competitiveness by cutting through the noise of your competitors. It can help with rankings and with conversions.
  • It can branch out your marketing strategy by incorporating different channels and features.
  • It can help you achieve such results with value for money in mind by considering the investment vs profit of your social media activity.
  • It can help you measure your success by offering accurate data to act on.


Campaigns here at Maxweb Solutions

The above benefits, both short and long-term can be experienced by creating and circulating creative and objective campaigns. We at MaxWeb Solutions can help you with your paid social media strategy, whilst also focusing on additional areas such as SEO, PPC and web development.

Reach out to benefit from our input or for more specific information on how a paid social media campaign can help your business.



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