How Shopify Can Benefit Your Business

Mar 18, 2022

It almost goes without saying that most businesses these days need an online presence to compete or even survive. Having a website or a social media profile for your business is a must, and easy to achieve thanks to cost-effective SEO web design. But, selling online can seem like a whole different kettle of fish.

E-commerce opens up huge opportunities to increase revenue by potentially reaching a much wider audience, but many people are reticent to dive in. They think the cost of a secure e-commerce site will be prohibitive (for small companies at least) or that managing an online store will be too complicated or time-consuming for a small workforce that may not be technical wizards.

These are the exact people Shopify was designed to serve, and with an estimated 95% of purchases expected to be made online by 2040, an e-commerce website is soon going to be as essential as a website is today. So, how can Shopify benefit your business to either start to sell products online or grow your e-commerce business?


Shopify is an all-in-one shopping solution

To recap in case anyone is new to e-commerce or just thinking about setting up an online store for the first time: Shopify is an e-commerce platform for which you pay a monthly subscription fee. It is specifically developed to service direct-to-consumer small and medium, independent traders and businesses. You may be just starting up in business or may operate an independent business or bricks-and-mortar retail outlet and wish to move into e-commerce. As such everything you need is included in an all-in-one shopping platform:

  • Customisable e-commerce website 

You build your Shopify store yourself or — if this is beyond your tech knowhow or to achieve the best return on investment — ask an SEO web design services company to help you.

  • Payment gateway

Shopify provides a secure payment gateway with no need to use a third-party processing agent (often the major reason smaller businesses steer clear of opening an online shop) so that customers’ sensitive information and payment details are secure and you can accept all forms of payment including credit cards.

  • SEO and marketing tools

Shopify offers a range of tools to assist in SEO best practices and getting your online store ranking on search engines. These are useful, but using a professional SEO services provider is recommended to ensure consistent and high SEO rankings.

  • Mobile-Friendly responsive layouts

The vast majority of online sales are now made on mobile devices rather than desktops, but e-commerce websites need to work seamlessly across all devices. Shopify’s layout has a responsive design and will work on different devices so there is no need (or the associated complications) for both a desktop version and a mobile e-commerce website.


Engaging Customers

Never forget that “people deal with people” even in the ether of the e-commerce world. There are plenty of faceless multi-national marketplaces such as Amazon, Wish, etc., with whom you’ll never be able to compete. As a small or medium-sized business, your reputation in the brick-and-mortar world is based on your customer relationships and the same should be true in your online shop. Creating relationships and building brand loyalty is vital and Shopify is designed precisely with direct-to-consumer loyalty in mind,

This idea of loyal customers and increasing customer engagement is a growing trend and Shopify offers numerous tools to help with this. These include user-friendly marketing tools to increase social media marketing; running online and email marketing campaigns; and even selling via Facebook and Instagram — while still building loyalty.

In this sense, a Shopify store can greatly benefit your business. just don’t forget: this personal customer approach is great on your front-end e-commerce website, but not in terms of SEO rankings. There is no point in trying to build customer relationships if nobody can find your website, When it comes to search engines, they want good SEO practices, not friendly chat. So, make sure you are aware of this or use the services of an SEO expert.


Simplifying sales online and off-line

Shopify offers an integrated platform so it can handle in-store sales as well as the online and e-commerce side of your business. This is vital in terms of managing inventory efficiently. It also, importantly, offers scope to allow your business to grow without the need to upscale to (or invest in) a new, more advanced e-commerce platform.


Marketing tools and apps

The Shopify app store also enables bespoke app integration into its e-commerce websites and platform. Mobile apps are becoming more and more essential, even for small businesses, and are an important growth driver. They are a very user-friendly way to gather product reviews, testimonials, integrate social media and digital marketing, and increase sales through consumer accessibility. By working with a mobile app development firm you can make your online shop truly bespoke for your specific target market in your specific field. The benefits of this then feed into the whole cycle of wider reach geographically; enhanced customer engagement and retention; social media and search engine optimisation; and, ultimately, increased sales.


Mobile friendly, customisable & marketing tools

To sum up: Shopify offers a platform to create mobile-friendly, customisable e-commerce websites with a variety of SEO and marketing tools. These three factors are essential in creating a successful online store that not only reflects your brand but attracts and retains loyal customers. In this way, Shopify offers many benefits for your business.

Combining the Shopify platform with the expertise of an e-commerce web design company will increase these benefits many times over. It will enable you to create a bespoke online store, implement a professional SEO strategy, and/or integrate mobile apps.

If you are thinking about creating a Shopify e-commerce website and don’t know where to start or want to use it to its full potential to engage customers and realise sales, then contact our team today on 0151 652 4777. We offer bespoke Shopify design and development for e-commerce websites, SEO and mobile apps development to suit your unique requirements.

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