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Integrating New Advances in Tech and Web Design

Dec 06, 2021

Every day, more and more businesses are starting out and hoping to offer something unique to potential customers.

In the ever-growing expanse of the internet, each company is trying to catch the eye, with their website being the best chance to make a good first impression.

Utilising new advances in tech to make sure your website stands out amongst the crowd is a major step into becoming a successful business. Below are several new advances in tech that you can integrate to transform your web design.


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is an emerging web development tactic that smaller, less tech-savvy businesses can employ. They are open-source projects created by companies such as Twitter and Google that strip down web pages to their essential parts. A less cluttered website will load much faster – an essential ingredient in increasing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and User Experience (UX).

This stripped-down approach is more mobile-friendly – which is becoming more and more the way people search the internet. In the first part of 2021 alone, mobile devices were behind 54.8% of global website traffic. Becoming mobile-friendly is a great way to shoot up the Google pages as Google’s search algorithm boosts mobile-friendly sites.

Despite the emergence of 5G technology increasing speeds, these types of plugins allow smaller companies to save costs and reach a wider customer base no matter the internet speed.


Motion UI

If you view your website as the shop window, then how it looks is important. Due to this Motion UI (User Interface) is a rising trend in web design. Motion UI will increase the interactivity of a web page – combining that with an eye-catching but minimalist design will help you stand out from the competition.

Motion UI can be utilised to create animated charts, background animation and transitions to add a visual flourish to your site. If you are working in a saturated market, then capturing people’s attention is the key to beating the competition.


Artificial Intelligence & Bots

The thought of AI conjuring up ideas of Skynet is becoming less and less the prevailing theory. In terms of web design, usage of AI and bots is increasing and is seen as a great way to serve the customers’ needs. Especially in E-commerce, chatbots are being more widely used. In fact, by 2023 over 70% of chatbots are estimated to be in retail.

Using AI and bots, customers can communicate 24/7 with a company, replacing support staff and reducing costs. AI will improve data analysis so that companies can get a better grasp of customer behaviours and provide actionable solutions to potential issues and opportunities.


Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

A PWA is a website that has the same function as a mobile app. It is an alternative to AMP without losing portions of the site and maintaining a high loading speed. PWAs offer speed, reliability, higher engagement, and usability.

Progressive Web Apps are perfect for online shopping as customers could browse, select, and pay for products all in one place. They work offline also and can also make use of push notifications – increasing customer accessibility.


Automation Testing

Automation in web design is another form of AI but is used during the development stage of a site. Many people are turned off by web pages that are too slow and don’t work – wanting a clean and efficient experience. Manually testing in cycles to smooth out and fix any potential problems will eat up a lot of hours and be very tedious.

Automation testing allows you to develop with a smaller team, reducing costs and creating the best experience for customers much quicker. Using automation is good for testing accessibility considerations, detecting bugs, code transparency and how your site works across browsers.

As the digital landscape becomes more competitive, making use of automation testing to ensure you are faster than your competitors and provide a better experience will mean you come out on top.


Serverless Applications & Architecture

Migrating to the cloud is something that more and more companies are doing. Serverless technology cuts down on problems such as data loss, lack of growth and expensive development. Vendors such as AWS allow you to create sites with more sophisticated apps and functions without spending a lot of money and time on them.

Companies providing cloud-based solutions pride themselves on their security capabilities so your and your customers’ data will always be safe. Serverless technology will also reduce money spent on servers and tech support.


Blockchain Technology

Even though Blockchain technology isn’t anything particularly new, the increased use and media attention on cryptocurrencies in recent years has made it something that businesses need to pay attention to. Blockchain is a decentralised system that allows fast and secure peer-to-peer transfer of digital goods – the transparency and speed it affords in transactions make cryptocurrency an attractive payment option for some people.

As of February 2021, there are more than 68 million blockchain wallet users. Considering cryptocurrency payment options alongside traditional methods on your website is a must in this fast-moving digital world.

The increased use of blockchain and trust in it is growing. Soon it might change how people pay for things, operate in real estate, use cloud storage and deal with contracts and wills.


Voice Search Optimisation

Voice searching is on the rise and Microsoft expects that over half of the consumers will be using digital assistants to help make purchases in the next five years. With AI, voice search helps customers quickly and is perfect for E-Commerce sites where people order online.

Voice Search will also influence SEO strategy. Voice queries are longer and less precise than text, meaning the language used to identify keywords and connect search engines and content (schema) is evolving to account for this. The impact of structured data like schema means that using voice search on a website may become commonplace by providing quick and correct results to customers.


JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript is still one of the leading programming languages in the world. Despite this, JavaScript is always innovating, and the latest trend is the rise of JavaScript Frameworks. These frameworks created are an attempt to standardise the language and make it easier for developers to use and benefit from.

A framework is a collection of JavaScript code libraries that supply pre-written code for programming tasks. Using these templates, you can build a web application without having to write code for features from scratch.

JavaScript frameworks are adaptable and the variety available means they can be applied to solve different problems. Frameworks mean you don’t have to be a coding genius to create a great website and will save you time and money.


Single Page Applications

Needing more clicks to get to a page means that more and more people will not get there. Single Page Applications (SPAs) are the answer to this problem, fulfilling the lazy scrolling urge and putting everything a customer needs on one continuous page.

SPAs are mobile-friendly and provide instant feedback – meaning there is no waiting for the page to download. Like PWAs and AMPs, SPAs provide a more elegant and streamlined experience for users.


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