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Importance Of Website Structure

Nov 19, 2021

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We live in a time where kickstarting a brand new blog and/or website is something that most people have the resources to do — however, making a blog and/or website that is effectively visible is a very difficult task that requires careful thought and planning. One of the largest challenges which small businesses and personal blogs are making their website perform well on search rankings.

There are many aspects of structuring your website which will mean that your website performs better in search rankings and, in turn, attracts more attention to your business. In light of the current internet landscape, having a website that does not perform well is simply not viable.

Improving your website structure is will not only allow people who are visiting your page to navigate to the page easily but it will also help you with your website’s bounce rate. Website structure and site planning will mean that your website’s various pages and posts will be presented to your audience in the most efficient way possible. Below, we will look at why site structure matters, why site structure is important for Google and much more.


What Is Website Structure And How Poor Website Structure Affects Business

Website structure, as the name suggests, describes the way in which a website is set up — which means the general placement of your website’s tabs and associated important pages.

The best way for you to structure your website is to think of it as a pyramid. This means that you should have your homepage at the top of the pyramid; beneath that, you should have your main sections (site index); beneath that, you should have your subsections (the content itself which populates your website).

It is important to remember that, mostly due to the heavily populated internet landscape, the user has a very short attention span. With this in mind, the above structure will mean that people who visit your website will be able to crawl through your website’s indexing system much faster to get to where they want to be. Bearing this in mind, you also need to think of your website’s target audience when it comes to the nitty-gritty of selecting your website structure.

If a website is chaotically structured or you’ve opted for a one page website that limits your ability to showcase what you can offer, then your users will very quickly leave your website as they cannot find what they are looking for. This is particularly bad as a higher bounce rate on your website will result in your website performing worse in the search engine rankings.

Google’s algorithm will look into your website’s bounce rate when ranking your site. This means that you want people to spend more on your site, which will be facilitated by people having a positive experience by finding what they want effectively as opposed to looking elsewhere after having been lost in a cluttered layout.


Importance Of Website Structure

Website structure is a vital aspect of good SEO practices, and yet not many people consider it enough when putting their website together. If a website is appealing to its users then it will be appealing to a search engine’s algorithms as well.

Having your website’s homepage being linked to all of your website’s important subpages makes for an easy-to-navigate user experience. A good structure means that you can also get good site links from Google, good site links are not something which you can purchase, rather they are specifically rewarded by Google for providing positive usability.


How To Best Design A Good Website Structure

Site Planning Prior To The Creation Of A Website’s Link Structure

The best time to plan out your website’s structure is, as you would expect before you have created the website itself. Even something as seemingly simple as drawing out your website plan on a piece of paper with a pencil can be useful.

Really think logically about your website’s structure from a user’s perspective, avoid gut feelings over pragmatic structuring based upon the pyramid idea stated above.

Furthermore, think about categorising content. The content itself is the foundation of any website and therefore it should be treated as such. Being pragmatic about every single tiny detail of your website’s structuring will benefit you and your clients in the long run.


Having A Good Website URL Structure

Make sure that you keep your website’s URL structure simple and easy to understand. Keep unnecessary symbols and numbers out of your URL, while also trying to keep your short and simple URL rich with keywords relevant to your website’s purpose.

Thinking about your URL’s efficiency early on will massively benefit you in search engine optimisation further down the line.


Think Mobile

Do not just think of how your website will be visible on a desktop browser. Google is looking more at the importance of mobile websites, which means that thinking about mobile structuring is a must for anyone starting a new website.


Need More Help With Website Structuring?

Maxweb Solutions are able to provide a plethora of services that will help you at every level of your web design and SEO needs. As mentioned previously, we are in a landscape nowadays where your digital footprint needs to be as perfect as possible if you want to have any hope of managing a successful website.

With this in mind, you should seriously consider taking advantage of a professional web design and SEO team to help with your online presence. Maxweb Solutions have helped countless business to maximise their online presence and boost their internet rankings, in turn massively befitting their overall business practices.

If you think that you need more help with structuring your website, or if you need help with any other aspect of your business’s online presence, then reach out to Maxweb Solutions today on 0151 652 4777 or email us at info@maxwebsolutions.co.uk.

You cannot afford to not give your business and/or website the best possible start in the current digital landscape, so do not delay in reaching out to our professional team of consultants today.

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