Is Shopify the right Ecommerce for you?

Dec 17, 2021

Adopted by over 1 million business owners, Shopify is an Ecommerce, one-stop software. It provides the tools and basic structure to set up, develop and maintain an online shop.

Easy to develop and embedded with useful apps and features, there are many benefits associated with Shopify and its offering.

Shopify is a suitable and adaptable choice for various online businesses, from essential functions to robust eCommerce qualities. However, is Shopify the right Ecommerce for you?

Here are some reasons you’ll want to invest in a Shopify store, which we can assist you with at MaxWeb Solutions.


What is Shopify?

Shopify is an easy-to-use software that provides the essential tools and structure to develop and host an online store. It brings together various features, apps, and developments to help business owners run an online store from purchases, marketing activity and delivery solutions.

Highly adaptable, Shopify is a favoured software used by many store owners across the globe. It provides an effective structure for both product and service-based companies, which require an online shop front.

It’s a one-stop software as it has a wealth of embedded benefits and capabilities to manage online activity. Shopify offers a beneficial user experience for business owners and customers, piecing together the buying process and the necessary steps to manoeuvre through it. It can host an active shop and the activity that falls around it.

Boasting many benefits for start-ups and SMEs, is Shopify the right Ecommerce for you? Here are some expected benefits to experience by designing, developing, and running a Shopify store.


Benefits of using Shopify for your eCommerce website

Easy to develop

The software behind Shopify provides a usable and reliable structure to stand as a store platform. It’s been designed for an easy, accessible development process, meaning that store owners can build their online platform without specialist technical know-how.

Mobile friendly

As most people complete the decision-making process and buying process on mobile devices, an online store must be optimised for such usability. Shopify is mobile-friendly, meaning that it’s designed and developed to work across mobile devices.


Shopify is designed to prioritise the customer experience, and its structure is user-friendly and includes various tools that help make the buying process a convenient one. A seamless lifecycle can be expected across Shopify stores, helping to engage users and motivate their return.

One-stop shop

Due to its compatible technologies, apps and features, Shopify is a one-stop-shop. Store owners can benefit from a wealth of services, helping to build a seamless customer experience. Customers’ customer service levels are high due to such a comprehensive online journey.

Reliable Shopify payments

Is Shopify the right Ecommerce for you? If you’re looking for a platform that has a reliable and secure payment gateway, Shopify can deliver. It’s essential to have a safe and secure platform to protect your customer base’s payment details and privacy. Shopify payments are easy to process yet are highly secure and encrypted for users.

Embedded marketing tools

Shopify makes it easy to sell online, and it also makes it easy to market your online store. Many embedded marketing tools are available through Shopify, and social media tools, email marketing platforms, and PPC ads can all be managed through the software. Apps can also be embedded to offer customer support and manage the buying lifecycle, such as product reviews.


Although there’s a basic structure to a Shopify store, there are also opportunities to personalise your eCommerce site. It’s a highly adaptable software, which can work for many different online businesses. The design of your store can be created through free themes, layouts, and settings, and you can pay to embed other apps into the software.

On the go maintenance

You can access and maintain the backend of a Shopify store whilst on the go. It’s a highly accessible eCommerce platform, meaning that you can run, manage, and grow your business with peace of mind. It also offers 24/7 support for all store owners.

SEO-friendly backend

SEO must be consistent to market and uphold a visible online store. Shopify’s basic structure offers built-in features and direction to optimise content. You can also embed additional tools to improve site load speed, customer targeting and functionality.


Is Shopify the right e-commerce for you?

Whilst there are many expected benefits of Shopify, there are also some common downfalls. From its standardised checkout process, which cannot be adapted, to its basic structure, depending on your needs and skill set, Shopify may not be for you.

Specialist input will be required to develop and maintain a complicated Shopify store. Although this isn’t necessarily a negative, depending on your budget, you may not have the scope to access all possible Ecommerce solutions and features from the get-go.

To help with the design, development, and maintenance of Shopify platforms, at MaxWeb Solutions, we offer a range of specialist services. Running a marketing agency in Wirral, we can provide support across digital marketing, from SEO to copywriting and web design. Setting up, developing, and using Shopify and its benefits will be possible here.

Shopify is a versatile product, which can facilitate the Ecommerce process with reliability, durability, and flexibility in mind. It’s also available at different price points, depending on your online needs. A standard structure can be maintained, to a seamless customer journey, helping attract, serve and retain customers.

Is Shopify the right Ecommerce for you? If so, we’re here to start your design process.





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Is Shopify the right Ecommerce for you?