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Paid Social Trends: Our 2024 Predictions

Dec 28, 2023

For many businesses, social media marketing is invaluable. The ability to connect directly with customers, build brand awareness, and promote products or services on platforms where your potential customers already spend their time can significantly boost sales and customer engagement.

If this is the case for you, it’s a good idea to know about some future social media trends that might happen in 2024. This article will tell you about some predictions we have for next year.

Social Media Platform Rethink

In 2024, we’re expecting businesses to refine their presence on social media platforms – which is a significant shift from the previous approach of trying to be everywhere.

In the past, a scattergun approach to social strategy was common, with businesses attempting to maintain a presence on every available platform. However, this approach often led to diluted efforts and ineffective strategies.

As social media platforms continue to evolve and differentiate themselves, businesses are starting to realise the importance of focusing their efforts on platforms that align with their brand identity, business model, target audience, and marketing goals. So, in 2024, we can expect businesses to conduct more in-depth analyses of platform demographics and user engagement rates, leading to more targeted and platform-specific social media strategies.

This refinement in platform choice will also be influenced by changing user demographics and behaviours. As younger users gravitate towards newer platforms, businesses targeting this demographic will need to adapt accordingly. Platforms with an ageing user base may also become more attractive for businesses targeting older demographics.

It’ll definitely be a move towards more strategic, effective, and audience-specific social media marketing.

Influencers & Product Placement

Users are craving authenticity. This is why user-generated content tends to work well for many online businesses, and ad fatigue (which is when users simply become tired of being exposed to too many ads) is real. For this reason, we predict that influencer marketing is set to evolve significantly in 2024, with a shift towards more subtle and integrated product placements.

We’ll likely see more influencers incorporating products into their content in a way that feels organic and unobtrusive. This could look like product placements in “story time” videos, lifestyle posts, or other content that doesn’t explicitly focus on the product itself.

This subtlety isn’t a new concept – we’ve been seeing it in traditional advertising and movies for years. But, it helps to maintain a level of realness to the influencer’s content, and it also aligns with the evolving preferences of consumers who increasingly value genuineness over overt advertising.

This trend is likely to encourage deeper partnerships between brands and influencers, as both parties work together to create content that aligns with the influencer’s style and the brand’s messaging. This collaboration can lead to more creative and impactful campaigns, as influencers integrate products into their narratives in a way that resonates with their audience.

AI Integration & Automated Content

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in paid social advertising is set to become more prevalent in 2024. AI’s ability to analyse vast amounts of data and provide insights will be invaluable for creating more effective and targeted ad campaigns. However, there is a fine line to tread – as consumers increasingly seek authenticity in the content they consume.

Automated content creation (also known as AI-generated content), will become more sophisticated, enabling businesses to produce ad content at scale. This can include automated generation of ad copy, image selection, and even video creation. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of AI-driven content creation will be a significant draw for businesses.

However, the challenge will be in maintaining a balance between efficiency and authenticity. We can often tell the difference between content that is genuinely crafted and that which is automated. Brands that rely too heavily on automation risk alienating their audience, who may perceive such content as impersonal and disingenuous.

In 2024, the most successful businesses will be those that use AI to enhance their content creation process, rather than replace it entirely. AI can be used to provide insights and suggestions, but the final content should have a human touch that resonates with that specific audience. This blend of technology and human creativity will be key to creating content that is both efficient and authentic.

Traditional Meets Modern

In 2024, we expect to see a continued blurring of lines between traditional and modern in paid social media marketing. A prime example of this trend is TikTok’s “out of phone” ad display, which merges the digital and physical realms of advertising.

By blending traditional marketing techniques with modern digital technologies, brands can create multi-dimensional campaigns that engage consumers in both the physical and digital worlds.

For example, interactive billboard paid campaigns that integrate social media features, QR codes that lead to immersive digital experiences, or augmented reality ads that bring digital elements into the physical world are likely to become more commonplace. These hybrid approaches not only capture the attention of consumers but also create memorable experiences that enhance brand recall and engagement.

Longer Ad Content Creation to Make a Comeback

Short and catchy content took 2023 by storm, but in 2024, we’re expecting to see something a little different. Or, at the very least, balanced.

We predict that consumers will seek more in-depth information and storytelling – and we think social platforms know this and are already adapting to accommodate this demand accordingly.

Platforms such as TikTok, traditionally known for short-form content, are beginning to support longer videos. Longer content allows for more detailed storytelling, in-depth product demonstrations, and the building of stronger emotional and meaningful connections with the audience.

The challenge for marketers will be to create long-form content that is engaging and can hold the user’s attention. So, from a paid social perspective – this will require a blend of compelling storytelling, high-quality production, and strategic content planning.

In addition, the ability to watch content at increased speeds on TikTok caters to this emerging trend, as it’s a solution to the fast-paced consumption habits of modern audiences. This feature allows users to consume more content in less time, making it feasible to engage with longer videos without significant time investment.

Niche Targeting and Personalisation

With the abundance of data available, brands are able to tailor their messaging and content to specific segments of their audience more effectively than ever before – and we’ll see this more than ever in 2024.

The use of AI and machine learning algorithms has enabled brands to analyse consumer behaviour, preferences, and past interactions to deliver highly personalised content. This can range from personalised product recommendations to customised email marketing campaigns.

Niche targeting, on the other hand, involves focusing marketing efforts on a specific segment of the market. This approach is particularly effective in a crowded market – as it allows brands to differentiate themselves by addressing the unique needs and preferences of a specific group.

Looking ahead to 2024, we can expect even more advancements in targeting and personalisation. The use of AI will become more sophisticated, allowing for even more granular targeting and personalisation.

This could even include predictive personalisation – where AI anticipates the needs and preferences of consumers based on past behaviour and current trends.

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