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SEO Trends 2024: Our Expert Predictions

Dec 22, 2023

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Search engines are constantly evolving, which means that SEO trends adapt every year.

In this article, we explore the big SEO trends you can’t ignore next year. Whether you’re running a small business or a big e-commerce site, these insights will help you stay ahead of the game.

Our SEO Trends 2024 Predictions

Our 2023 SEO trend predictions all became a reality this year – so what do we think’s going to happen in 2024? Keep reading to find out.

Much (Much) More AI Integration

In 2024, the use of AI in SEO will become more sophisticated and widespread.

AI technologies have been evolving at a breakneck pace, and they’re poised to revolutionise how we approach SEO. The integration of AI in SEO will extend beyond basic tasks to help with complex analytical processes, content optimisation, and even predictive SEO strategies.

AI’s ability to analyse vast datasets and uncover hidden patterns is invaluable for SEO. If used correctly, businesses can gain insights into user behaviour, preferences, and search intent, leading to more targeted and effective SEO strategies.

We also predict that AI tools will take more of a lead role in automating mundane tasks, allowing SEO professionals to focus on more strategic initiatives. Additionally, AI’s role in content creation and optimisation will become more pronounced, using natural language processing to create content that resonates with both search engines and human readers. However, the quality of AI-generated content will still be a concern, but under the guidance of SEO – we think AI will make the process of creating quality content much easier.

Plus, It’s not just Chat GPT that’s a big player anymore. We’re likely to see Google’s Bard and Gemini models have a competitive edge next year, and Elon Musk’s Grok AI tool could also be a dark horse. Grok is only available on Twitter at the moment, but who knows – it might make its way into search engines.

Diversified Backlink Profiles

In 2024, having a diversified backlink profile will be more important than ever, no matter what industry you operate in.

Search engines will likely place greater emphasis on the quality and diversity of backlinks. This means that websites will need to earn backlinks from a wide range of reputable sources, across different domains and industries.

Diversifying backlink profiles reduces the risk of being penalised by search engine algorithms and increases the resilience of SEO efforts. A variety of backlinks gives a green signal to search engines that a website is authoritative and valuable across different sectors.

This trend will push SEO strategists to seek innovative ways to earn organic, high-quality backlinks from a mix of sources.

Voice Search Optimisation Will Continue to Rise

As the popularity of voice-activated devices continues to grow, we predict that optimising voice search will be a key component of effective SEO strategies. This is an interesting one because it’ll be a game changer for how SEOs approach keyword targeting in the future.

The reason why it’ll change how SEOs target in the future is that voice search queries tend to be longer and more conversational than typed searches. This shift needs to be taken into account in any effective keyword strategy, factoring in that these long-tail keywords and natural language need to be just as big of a focus.

Optimising for local search will also be essential, as many voice searches are local in nature. So, this means that websites will need to ensure that their content is easily accessible and understandable by voice search algorithms to stay have a chance of staying competitive.

Featured Snippets Will Become a Key Focus of SEO Strategy

Although it’s already an Important SEO factor, securing a spot in featured snippets will be even more of a top priority in SEO strategies in 2024. As more users look for quick answers, featured snippets will become the prime spot on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Featured snippets offer a significant visibility boost, often appearing above other organic search results. They cater to the increasing demand for immediate, concise information, especially among mobile and voice search users.

SEO strategies will evolve to focus on structuring content in a way that aligns with the criteria for featured snippets, using clear, concise language, and addressing common queries directly.

Increased Emphasis on Mobile Performance

We know that people use search engines on their mobiles. But in 2024, with mobile internet usage continually rising (It’s now 64% of users vs 35% sticking to good old-fashioned desktops), the importance of core web vitals on these devices is likely to become even more significant.

Remember that Google’s search algorithms prioritise mobile versions of websites for indexing. They’ve been doing it this way since 2020. So, the mobile version of your website significantly influences how search engines perceive and interpret your site’s content, which, in turn – affects your search engine rankings.

This means we’re likely going to see a shift in how many websites start optimising for mobile-first indexing. In other words, this will become a bare minimum. And that doesn’t mean ignoring desktop visitors – it’s simply about ensuring that both are kept in mind to ensure a more successful SEO strategy.

Enhanced User Experience Focus

User experience has always been important. It’s one of the biggest factors that impact search rankings. But, in 2024, SEO strategies will need to increasingly focus on enhancing the overall user experience, beyond just satisfying the technical SEO aspects of core web vitals.

We’re also predicting that we’ll see websites find innovative ways to incorporate interactive content onto landing pages, which could potentially lead to better rankings in the search results.

Personalisation Will Become Even More Important

It’s only a matter of time before search engines become more sophisticated in understanding user preferences and delivering personalised results. For this reason, in 2024, we predict that personalisation in SEO will be bigger than ever.

The evolution of search algorithms means they’re increasingly capable of providing results tailored to individual search histories, locations, and browsing behaviours. Websites that leverage user data to personalise content, offers, and even user experience will see better engagement rates and higher rankings.

So, if you want to keep your competitive edge over the next year – your SEO strategy will need to incorporate user data analysis more deeply to create highly targeted content.

More Diversified Multimedia Assets

This has always been important, but the use of diverse multimedia assets will become a key differentiator in SEO strategies by 2024. This includes an increased focus on integrating video content, podcasts, infographics, and interactive content into websites.

Multimedia content caters to various user preferences and can significantly enhance user engagement. Search engines are expected to continue evolving to better index and rank such content, recognising its value in providing a rich user experience.

This trend will drive SEO efforts towards creating and optimising a variety of multimedia assets, making them more discoverable and shareable – which is a win for both businesses and users, as this approach enhances both online engagement and accessibility.


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