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The biggest web design trends set to dominate 2021

Jan 22, 2021

Virtual, digital platforms have paved the way for some time. Down to their adoption, ongoing growth has always been expected for 2021. Yet, no one, not even a psychic trendsetter could have envisioned the value and adaptability of such platforms, down to 2020’s pandemic.

Zoom has become one of the most utilised web apps, with over 300 million worldwide users; remote working has become a favoured or hated way of functioning; more and more businesses have seen the value of online offerings; adaptability has become the most important skill, driving companies through a whirlwind, movie-like existence, which is still ongoing in 2021.

Whether you’ve struggled as a business throughout 2020, or hope to elevate your online offering, this year, it’s important that we continue to adapt to the world that’s around us. Through greater online interactions and the need for positive user experiences, web design is one key area you can work on, with the aim to grow your online image, offering, conversions and legacy.

Reasonably, how you adapt can hinder or help you throughout 2021. Yet, we’re sure that web design trends, set for 2021 will assist you with the process, helping you break through the noise, caused by a significant shift to reality.

Here arethe biggest web design trends set to dominate 2021 which you can harness. If you’re looking for support with web design, development or promotion, at Maxweb Solutions, we’re ready to assist, aiming for a better 2021.


Web design and its adaptability

Websites can be complex to design, develop and maintain. However, one key perk is their adaptability and ease of doing so. Reasonably, understanding web design, coding, the functionality of the back end of a website, and user experience are necessary. Yet, through that, your website can be adapted to suit your needs, to suit the needs of your audience, to suit the needs of your industry, and to suit the needs of the world.

Of course, without awareness around the value of great web design, it’s easy to see those efforts as a lot of hard work. Yet, as 2021 is likely to be as uncertain as 2020, as web usage will likely continue to grow, and as more competitors are likely to invest into their web design, it’s recommended that you do too.

Your web design is in fact one of the most easily adaptable assets that you’ll have within your marketing strategy. Now is a proactive time to consider the biggest web design trends set to dominate 2021, with the intentions to make some worthwhile changes.


The biggest web design trends set to dominate 2021: Our top 5

Custom cursors

For years, standard cursors have been used across platforms, simply in place to highlight, direct and click-through content. Yet, one big web design trend, seen to emerge this year are custom cursors, serving greater purpose within the functionality sphere.

Many will argue the ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ stance, which is understandable. Yet, done cleverly, custom cursors can become a part of interactive content, differentiating websites from competitors.

Of course, great thought, UX and UI experience must go into the web design of a new cursor. But by investing in this trend, a simple click-through could change your offering, serving as a fun, engaging or even motivating web tool.


Immersive content

Unfortunately, our tangible realities have been paused, especially for the first quarter of 2021. This however shouldn’t stop web capabilities of offering immersive experiences.

Immersive content is forecasted as one of the biggest web design trends set to dominate 2021, helping to bring together virtual and real worlds. 3D, AR, VR, video streaming and live content are valuable tools, ready to be used to harness the realism and relatability of web design.


Bold storytelling

Down to political, environmental, cultural and societal changes throughout the last year, 2021 is set to see even more controversial, supportive and campaign-driven content.

Bold storytelling has been noted as a way to drive and communicate those changes, possible through creative, confident and cutthroat web design. Understandably, it’s important to tread carefully around content, and the responses that it will create. But by campaigning for positive changes, linked to your company or industry, your web platform and design will be a proactive way to communicate that change.


Optimistic design

We’re currently living in a world where the media is bombarded with negative, worrying and depressive news and content. One way that design trends have forecasted success is by opting for optimistic web design.

Bright and bold colours, positive messaging, a balance between health and desires, fun-loving and inspiring approaches to graphic design, and uplifting experiences should be aimed for throughout 2021. This is the time to make a change, based on our new norm, offering a fresh image and offering to web design.


Multidimensional experiences

Web design shouldn’t just concern the visual functionality of web frameworks. It should unite the senses, offering a multidimensional experience, which is set as a big web design trend to dominate 2021.

Storytelling, over on websites should be multidimensional, where copy, content, visuals, audio, video and web design tools combine to create a 360-user experience. Not only will this provide access for minority groups, including those with visual impairments, but also provide an immersive and valuable experience, bringing realism and humanisation to your web image.


Web design experts at Maxweb Solutions

Functional and responsive web design should be the foundation of your strategy, soon followed by the creative, fluffy and unique content, relevant to your business. At Maxweb Solutions we can help you with the structure, practicality, and functionality of your website, along with those out of the box web design decisions, helping your online platform thrive through 2021.

Of course, the biggest web design trends set to dominate 2021 are a gauge, which may adapt. Yet, by being open to change, you’ll be ready to adapt your web design, offering even more opportunity this year to harness the significant adoption of online interactivity, decision making, purchasing and overall existence.






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The biggest web design trends set to dominate 2021