The Power of Print in the Age of Digital

Oct 01, 2018

Print media should never be forgotten about even though it seems that every marketing guru is trying to set your business down the path of being “online-only”. The only problem with this is that people aren’t “online-only”. They engage with brands both physically and through the internet.

That’s why, in this article, the Maxweb team explain why you should not overlook print media when you are trying to get your brand out there.

Why bother with print?

Print media is as much of a necessity as it has ever been. Despite the rise of online technology, print media still manages to grab the attention of your target audience in a way that many online media cannot. The defining factor here is that print media comes in physical form.

This physical presence stays around for longer, literally. A leaflet can stay in someone’s house for a lot longer than an email will stay in their inbox. For us, the three most significant reasons you should still continue to consider print media when it comes to creating brand awareness are:

Print is another way to reach your target audience

If you want to reach every person in your target audience, you need to diversify your strategy of getting your brand in front of them. Print media is the perfect solution to this. If you only engage in online activities, you’re competing for the time that someone spends online which is considerably less time than they spend not on the internet each day.

Print is easily distributed

Print media can be distributed at networking events, door to door – it can be sent to people’s business addresses, to their homes, or displayed as a banner or poster somewhere. This is a similar situation to point above. You aren’t having to compete with other brands for the consumer’s time when you use print media.

Print is cheaper than ever

Distributing print media has become a streamlined process. The cost of manufacture and delivery have gone down considerably and it is faster to do now too. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to promote your brand.

What does print have that digital doesn’t?

Digital marketing and your brand’s online presence are incredibly important; however, it isn’t everything. For us, the major ways in which print media trumps digital media are:

Advertising is coming full circle

People are at risk of becoming desensitised to online media. There are a lot of adverts that pop up each time they browse Facebook, there are adverts at the top of each Google search, and there are adverts embedded into websites. If you want to spread your brand and make it stay in consumers’ minds, you need to avoid joining the crowd.

This used to be the case with print media. People would get bombarded with print through their letterboxes and so they stopped interacting with it. This prompted businesses to start going online for their advertising. Now, people have forgotten what it is like to receive branded content via the post and they’re more likely to engage with it as a result of that.

Older people are more likely to engage with your brand

As we previously mentioned with engaging all of your target audience, there will be some people who are just as likely to buy from you who don’t use online mediums at all. These people are only accessible through print media and reaching them is still a relatively easy task.

Don’t miss out on marketing to potential customers by restricting your brand to only using digital marketing.

Print with Maxweb

If you’re looking to push your brand out there in more ways than just online, get in touch with our team. Not only do we supply businesses with comprehensive online solutions, we can also help you build your brand through print media.

For more information, call us on 0151 652 4777.

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The Power of Print in the Age of Digital